Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Anthropologie Review: A fox and a sale

Creature Feature Top (size S)
I tried this on before in an XS and just felt like it was painted on. The small is still quite fitted but much improved. I might even try a medium. This is such a flattering tee - the lower back, button details and nice boatneck are fabulous. Wouldn't mind trying on a medium as well, just to see.

 Chaton Shift (XS)
 I love cats and had been curious about this dress even though I knew that it wouldn't really work. My normal XS fit fine, the dress has a lot of give, but the shape is terrible on me. HIGH neckline and straight down the sides. From the side I definitely look odd. Love the idea of the print but the whole thing is a bit too young for me.

Caraiva Pencil Skirt (size M)

Hmm. The material on this feels very shape and has no structure of its own so it shows every lump and bump. The colors are very pretty and it is very comfortable but it looked sort of cheap. Need a pair of spanx underneath. This is 2 sizes up from my normal size and I think it looks plenty tight enough so I'd definitely say this runs small.

Sorry for the quickie reviews, I am in a crunch until at least this weekend but just wanted to get some things up and reviewed!


  1. You're a superstar for reviews! The caraiva totally doesn't hold up to scrutiny, does it? I usually dislike side panels because it reminds me of all the times I've tried to make skirts that are too small fit me by adding a panel- and this one is even worse because it's not an even shape! The fox tee is so cute!

  2. If you're ever interested in selling your fox tee, I'd love to buy it! Thanks!