Monday, October 7, 2013

J. Crew Review: A ruffled rhinestone, swiss dot and a sweatshirt

What? I was so surprised to see J Crew offer 40% off right now. Usually that comes twice a year - January after holidays sale and again in July to clear out summer merch. But October? Wowsers. I've really been cutting back on the ol' spending lately but I couldn't resist (yet) another Liberty shirt. Ah Strawberry Thief Floral, you are mine. My local store is also very kind about price-adjusting for the extra 15% off if you bring it in so I will indeed be doing that.

Ran in the other day to try on a few sale items I had been wondering about but in general my local sale section was a bit depleted and boring.

Ruffled Rhinestone Top (size 2)
 The jewels on this one are nice. I liked them quite a bit. This style of top is a hard sell for me. I think it looks quite classy and elegant but there is little to no shaping at the waistline which thickens me a bit. The collar lay open quite nicely which is nice since I would never wear it buttoned up all the way. My usual size 2 was a nice fit although I wouldn't have minded a bit more length.

 Ruffled Rhinestone Top (size 0)
 I tried the size 0 just in case but there was lots of gapping so no sizing down on this one for me.

Sweatshirt? Terry tee?  Drapey Raglan Sweatshirt (XS) in Heather Gray (thank you to Lisa!!!!)
 I am a sucker for anything sweatshirt-esque so I couldn't resist picking this up. I have no idea what it is but it is extremely comfortable and basically cute. I believe it was $39.99 before discount? As far as sweatshirts go, it's pretty shapely and has a nice wide neckline. Love the little split hem or whatever it is called on the sides. Sadly I passed since I probably don't need a sweatshirt but I still liked it. Wish they did it in shortsleeves so I can layer it over my way too extensive button down shirt collection :)

 Swiss-Dot Tuxedo Shirt (size 0)
 This is one size smaller than my usualy size and I would have preferred my regular size. The swiss-dot material is really cute and I like the tuxedo styling. I couldn't quite get the collar to lay open in a flattering way but I imagine a good iron would change that. The swiss-dot part is fairly see through but I don't think it requires a cami. The lighter color probably would.

 Side view. Totally fine but nothing to get all excited about. With some snazzy trousers might be quite cute.

Nothing overwhelmingly exciting for me but I did nab a few cute crewcuts things for my daughter and a Perfect Shirt in Papaya Paisley (yay non final sale) since I was never able to see this in-store.

Overall a little non-plussed but my bargain hunter self can't help but look!

What did you score in this most recent promo?


  1. Thanks for the reviews! I haven't snatched up the rhinestone top but I love the collar and rhinestone detailing. I think you look fantastic in the blue.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I'm on the fence about it but I really love the rhinestones. My inner magpie can't resist!

  2. Was hoping for a bit more out of the Swiss dot tuxedo top. Thanks for the reviews.

    1. I know, it's quite disappointing. How do they make it look so cute online?