Thursday, September 1, 2016

Madewell Reviews: Sale!

In honor of the 30% off sale that is going on right now I thought I would get a few reviews up. I keep on crossing my fingers that this dress or this dress (review below) will go on sale but of course neither of them is. boo. I will have to wait longer or just give in and buy them. Madewell does stripey dresses so well!

Eyelet Nightbreeze Dress (size 2)

This is a really beautiful, well-made dress. I love it. My usual size was a bit snug (but I think that's from too much summer eatin') but mostly in the waist - a part of me that seems to still be recovering from pregnancy. Because of the fitted waist the dress is actually quite slimming. The neckline is LOW. It is barely covering me but I am also pretty well-endowed so it might be less offensive on someone with a smaller chest. The eyelet is beautiful and the dress is lined so thumbs up Madewell!

Striped Vacances Dress (size XXS)
I was just curious what the XXS would look like. I liked it but it's too short and it is a bit more grabby in the butt. I think I would go with the slightly slouchier XS. It is a great dress - the material has some weight so that it hides bumps but not so much that you feel like you would be too hot.

 Striped Knit Dress (XS)
Ugh. I love this dress so much. I already own 2 long-sleeve striped dresses like this (one from Madewell) but this one is even more num num. It just feels great on, looks good, is short enough but not too short and has cute little buttons at the shoulder. Please go on sale (ha ha, good luck)!

 Washed Leather Motorcycle Jacket (S)

Here's another UGH moment. This leather jacket is uh-mazing. Soft, perfectly fitted, enough hardware to be tough without making me feel like a motorcycle mama. Really perfect in all ways.

My new local Madewell is a bit small and the sale section is not impressive. I wish they would do away with final sale online. Every once in a while a sale piece will randomly NOT be final sale. I keep my eyes out for those pieces because then I can order with the free shipping.

Will you be picking anything up with the 30% off this weekend?


  1. I bought that leather jacket this spring-- it's fantastic! I was hesitant to spend the money, but it's actually a pretty good price for the style and quality. So yummy!

    1. I'm glad to hear it because it definitely might be a Xmas present idea for my husband to buy for me. Did you find that you needed to size up? I know leather gives but I felt like the small (as opposed to my usual XS) was more comfy.

    2. I bought an XS, and it's exactly the close fit I wanted. I think you could totally size up in it; definitely don't size down. For reference, I buy XS stuff elsewhere. I'm 5’4" 115# 34A.

  2. Yeah.. I love that jacket and wish it will go on sale at some point. How do you feel about the length of the sleeves? I am only 5'2" and afraid the the sleeves will be super long on me.

    1. Hi Issy, I found the sleeves to be perfect. I hate it when sleeves are too short and these came to an ideal point on my arm. That being said, I am fairly long limbed for my height (5'4")

  3. I've noticed that the first day an item gets marked down online, it's not final sale, but then after that first day, it's like they change the coding so it becomes final sale. that can be frustrating. but I do know that my two local madewell locations are very flexible with accepting final sale items as returns in-store. they told me once that it doesn't affect their bottom-line at the store, so they don't mind doing it. not sure if that's an unwritten policy or if my stores are just very generous, but that has made me more willing to try final sale items for sure.

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