Monday, May 20, 2013

Madewell Reviews - Bottoms!

The last of my marathon try-on session at Madewell...

Rail Straight Jeans in Madewell Wash (size 26x34)
I previously reviewed the Rail Straight in Western Wash here and absolutely loved them. I prefer a uniform darker wash because I think it hides flaws and gives an overall more streamlined appearance but not so with these. Maybe I've gotten too used to skinny jeans but I feel like these look a bit sloppy. That being said, the denim is great and a beautiful dark color (lighter than what is appearing in these pictures).

 Skinny Skinny Jeans in Madewell Wash (size 26)
For comparison - the skinny skinny! These are deliciously flattering. I felt instantly 5 lbs slimmer. It's a shame they don't have the ankle length version in store, although to be honest, I sometimes like a little extra material at the bottom. These go on snug but I'm sure would loosen up after a bit of wear. Really love these - perfect skinnies.

 Meadowlace Mini (size 2) in Jester Yellow
This skirt is cute to look at but not too exciting on. It felt pretty flimsy and it a bit too short for me. I think it might run slightly big too. The color is a true neon yellow so be aware of that. It's a cute take on the whole lace thing but I can't see it holding up to my more active summer lifestyle.

 Rail Straight Jeans in Madewell Wash (size 25)

I thought I'd give the Rail Straights one more go so here they are in a smaller size which is definitely the size I would take. If you are looking for a non-skinny, straight leg, more casual jean - I think these could work. I would recommend sizing down in this particular wash.

Now I just have to wait for the things I like to go on sale! I may be waiting for a while....


  1. That 34" length is way too long for me. I love the dark wash though. It is very flattering. Thanks for all the great reviews. The detailed info you provide is really helpful.

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad it's useful. I love the dark wash too - and no whiskering - I hate that stuff! Who needs extra business on their thighs? The 34" are way too long on me too whereas the 32" are great. I'm really loving Madewell these days.

  2. Skinny Skinny looks like they were cut just for you and are those the goldy beige ballet crocs? Those my are favourite rainy day shoes, unless they are not, in which case I don't own crocs.