Thursday, May 23, 2013

J. Crew Review: More New Summer Arrivals: The Prints Edition

Where are the gorgeous printed pencil skirts? Seriously. I am finally in the market to buy one and all I get is plain colors or $700 sequins or little school girl skirts. Harumph. I'm not loving the prints offered so far except for:

Um, yes please.


Struggled as I may to find things I like, I still tried on lots. Just in case I changed my mind.

This is one size bigger than I usually take and was all they had. I might prefer my usual size but this seemed to work as well. I'm not into this print at all but I do love the colors and the shape. Very easy breezu and the shape of the back is quite flattering.

 Camp Popover in Hawaiian Sunset (size 2)
I think I missed the memo on Hawaiian shirts being cool and not "cool ironic". I feel silly. I'm sorry if you are loving this print and I am dissing it. I think I'm too old to get this one. What I did like was the length and the fit. Good shape and roll tab sleeves.

 Carrie Dress in Big Dot (size 2)
This might be an in-store only dress and according to the SA it is flying out of the store. I knew before I tried it on that the shape wouldn't work for me but I can see it looking fabulous on someone less curvy. The back is adorable and it feels quite effortless. I think the ability to go braless is a plus/necessity for this one. The cotton is a nice thick weave and the dots continue nicely all the way around.

 Boardwalk Linen Skirt in Stripe (size 2)
The drawstring actually works on this one so if you wanted more length you can safely go up a size (as I did). It's cute and basically flattering for an effortless, cool summer skirt. I've decided that this shape of skirt makes me feel too schoolgirl and not enough lady. I guess that's what pushing 40 will do for you.

How are you feeling about some of the latest prints?


  1. I don't think I like any of the prints this go-round. I love that linen dot dress. Tried it on tonite. Not a match for me, but definitely liked it.

  2. How in the world does one go braless in a thin white dress?! I am a 32A, so I don't really need a bra for support, but I do need coverage... Too bad those large black dots are not more strategically placed. But that Carrie dress is super cute and would probably work with my nude strapless bra.

  3. Being a little horticulturally inclined, I rather like the floral eve print. If I can get it for around $50, I will probably do it. That is my price point on liberty shirts.