Friday, May 3, 2013

J. Crew Review - New Arrivals - Bottoms!

The try-ons continue...

Cafe Capri in Seersucker (size 0)
This probably fit me the best of the Cafe Capri style. I do love a good seersucker - it just screams preppy summer! As you can see these fit well through the legs and the waist actually didn't gap! I don't know if they would stretch out as the day rolled on though. Overall a definite summer thumbs up.

 No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Navy-white Stripe (size 2)
It looks fine in the pictures but I definitely needed my usual skirt size of 0. The material is very lightweight and summery feeling - I liked it. Felt quite dressy (more so than the skirt below). Again, the waistband is nicely curved in so I don't have that big gap in the back. I like my pencil skirts to sit higher on the waist but I think my normal size would solve that. Cute!

 No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Neon-Piped Seersucker (size 0)
I do love the neon piping. Quite cute. This was very comfortable and fit well and is more casual than the above skirt. 

 Cargo Scout Chino (size 2)
These were sort of cuter than I thought they would be but a little bizarre. First of all, I need my usual size possibly even 2 sizes smaller because these are cut rather generously in the leg. But, I love the color and the slouchiness of them. The length I found odd  -  a bit too short - like clamdiggers or something. Might consider on super sale and in my actual size.

 No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Pinwheel Eyelet (size 00)
This is definitely the right size for me. Fits a bit higher on the waist and very slimming. The up side of the thick material is the fact that it sort of holds you in a bit. I will definitely be purchasing this skirt but the petite version arrived tonight so will have to see how I like the length on that one.

New Flutter Short? (size 0)
I can't find these on the website but I thought I'd try them on for "fun". I don't even know what to say about these. Holy cow why would I ever need little wings on the sides of my thighs. It's like my own personal lower body nightmare. Just confused. And with a super short inseam. All kinds of bad. My thighs are confused.

Tomorrow - dress reviews!


  1. I've seen those shorts a few times and never feel like changing out of my pants to try them on. I figured they weren't too promising. I may try them on this weekend. Love the seersucker options.

  2. love all your reviews and since you and I are the same size your reviews are so helpful for me.
    I also got the eyelet skirt in 00 and 0 in the stripe navy and white skirt.
    I like everything on you except for the shorts!!!

  3. Thanks for the great reviews! I saw those shorts in the store too but didn't try them on. They'd be a wreck on me lol. I like the rest of what you tried, especially that striped pencil skirt.

  4. Those shorts would only work on a child and preferably not one over 6. The skirts looked wonderful on you.