Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews - New and old...

It was 86 degrees here today! Woah. Makes me want to get in and out of the dressing room really fast :)    This time of year is always crazy but it is particularly so because we are closing on our house this Friday! I feel so adult. I have literally been living in an apartment since I was 22 and let me tell you, I am definitely not 22 anymore! It's all very exciting but also more time-consuming and stressful than I imagined. Luckily we have some time between closing and moving and so that certainly takes the pressure off. Anyway, to decompress (ha ha) I took at peek at some of Anthro's latest offerings.

Lousa Shift (XS)
 I have another Ganni dress that I get a lot of use out of but I'm not sure about this one. It's the usual stretchy nice material but it seems to run a bit big. Instead of feeling sexy I felt sort of dowdy. I don't think this particular shade of blue helps that feeling either.

I tucked up the hem a bit to show what it would look like shorter. I definitely prefer this.

Shimmerpeach Pullover (size S and XS)
I never noticed this little sweater before but it is gorgeous. I went with the S (shown at left) simply because there were no pulls in it. The small is slightly more fitted so maybe I will order that from online. I sort of like these thin shimmery type sweaters a little loose so you can throw it over something without having it stick to you everywhere. The colors are so fresh and the metallic thread running through it adds that something special.

 Drawstring Safari Dress (size XS)
 I was immediately drawn to this dress but couldn't quite figure out the fit. The XS was gaping at the chest and too tight in the back. Even the elastic waistband felt overly snug, but I liked the way the skirt portion fit.

 On left, XS, other 2 pictures S. After some maneuvering I got the XS to gape less. The S fit a bit more casually. I didn't love the side view (looks like I have something extra and droopy stuck in the top of the dress). Not sure I can make this work but I love the idea of it!

 Anila Shirtdress (size 0) 
 This is $29.95! I tried it on as a joke (to myself I suppose) but really quite liked it. So easy and a nice thin material but not so thin you can see through it. This is the size 0 but I could have easily stuck with my regular size 2 as well.

 Capsleeve Shift (XS) in Black
 Just an easy little black dress. I think the 3 buttons down the back neckline are quite cute. The material was very soft, stretchy and comfortable and I don't find the length to be too short.


 For some reason I can't find this blouse online. I thought I would love it but the fit is bizarr-o. I could get the blouse to hang correctly unless I unbuttoned the sleeves. They are so tight and short that there is no way to have full arm usage unless you do. Even so that top was very voluminous and yet didn't lay right in front. It is shorter in the back. Hmmm.

Hibiscus Bloom Shirtdress (XS)
 This seems to be sold out which sort of shocks me as there is a lot going on! Admittedly, I liked it a lot more than I thought it would and it certainly does hide a lot of sins :) The colors and print are delicious I'm just not sure it's flattering to one's shape.

 Triple Bow Dress (XS)
I tried this on before but couldn't remember why I didn't love it. It's the darts around the chest (for me). Draws too much attention there. It is basic, cute little dress and the bows certainly make it special.

Hopefully there will be some good sales this weekend with Memorial Day. What do you think, possible percent off?

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  1. I got the top/blue dress on sale and really like it. It reads Winter/Fall to me, though, not Spring/Summer (I'm not sure what season it is meant for). It reminds me of the J. Crew Jules dresses but at a better, longer length. The fabric is a bit thick, that's the only thing that bothered me about it. I think it used to come in a dark green color, looked really pretty.

    I tried on that drawstring safari dress but it was not good on me.

    Best of luck closing on your new house, how exciting!! :)