Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More J Crew Reviews: New Arrivals... collection and more!

The marathon try-on continues... this one a bit less successfully.

Collection Short-Sleeve Beaded Sweater (XS)

I knew this would be a pass for me but wanted to keep an open mind. I love the colors and the embroidery is certainly interesting but the shape is totally unflattering. Maybe the XXS would have helped? I doubt it since this sweater is supposed to have a swingy shape. The price tag is also ouch for something that looks like I picked it up in my local thrift shop.

Collection Cashmere Sweater in Punk Floral (XS)
This might be my favorite iteration of the "punk floral" print. The sweater is a great length, very soft and I love the button detail at the shoulder. The one lone bloom on the back is also quite cute. I'm sure this will sell well like the rest of the punk floral stuff but I can't justify the price tag. Still not totally in love with this print anyway. 

Vintage Cotton Tee (size XS)
I usually prefer v-necks but this was $9.99 + 30% off + educator discount so even if it falls apart after 2 washes I don't care. I adore the color and the fit is spot on.

Collection Featherweight Cashmere Sweater in Sorbet Stripe (XS)
I've been intrigued by all the candy colored lightweight cashmere but they don't carry all of them in my local store. I thought I would love this but I think it's sort of meh. The lines of the pattern are not that flattering for the body. The colors are fun. I would say this fits slightly smallish for an XS.

Embroidered Gauze Top (size 2)
The first pic looks deceptively okay. I felt like either a peasant wench at a Ren Fair or a jaunty female pirate. Sigh. Will none of the adorable eyelet tops work for me this year? Non bueno.

 Minnie Pant in Stretch Twill (size 0) in navy
I've always wanted to try the Minnie Pant but never have. I get it but I still think they are glorified leggings. There is a WHOLE lot of info in the back. Like bonjour every ripple on my bum. I would only feel comfortable wearing these with something longer over the top.

 Embroidered Eyelet Tank (XS)
A cute basic for the summer. WHAT IS UP WITH THE HIGH NECKLINES? Please stop J Crew. It's either this or the huge plunge. What about a moderate scoop? A gentle vee? please?

In store only? 5 inch seersucker short
These are on sale for $39.99. I tried them on the other day in the size 2. The size 0 probably fits more exactly but I would be fine either way. I didn't bite on these but perhaps I should have. Was worried about what the wear on top and can't totally wrap my brain around wearing shorts again. I have a love/hate relationship with them.

5" Chino Short in Sea Glass (size 0)
Again, tried these on the other day in a size 2 and feel like the 0 fit better. Cute. Love the color but not sure what to pair with it besides white and black. $29.99 in store.

 Cargo Scout Chino (size 00) in vintage green
These are pants that I think look slightly dorky but I also think I'll get a ton of wear out of them. I was waffling between the 0 and 00 because I often buy the size that fits perfectly in store and then within a day of wearing it they are baggy and gross. I took a risk and got these which are a little snug with the thought that they will give after some wear. I really like the way they fit at the top. Slightly snug at the bottom (more so than you would think since the model wears them slightly rolled up - not possible).

What new arrivals are you loving?


  1. Something about the beaded sweater design reminds me of a transformer but the colours are pretty. I have the embroidered eyelet tank which I loved except the armholes were gapey on me, so I washed it and it came out slightly shrunken with some puckers at the side seams which can be ironed out. The armholes came out of the wash a much better fit for me. Thanks for the reviews.

    1. That's hilarious! I know what you mean, it's sort of weird and a bit too out there for me but i love the colors. Good to know about the tank!

  2. I love the color combination on the first sweater but i agree the shape is odd. The white blouse is so sheer, what is J. Crew thinking? If we're wearing something light and airy, we don't want to layer something under it, but you'd have to, I think. That pink sweater looks straight out of the 1980s (only it would have been acrylic then, not cashmere!). The pants and shorts all look great on you. I have the Scout Cargo chinos and I agree they are really fitted at the bottom. I could hardly roll them up and they looked and felt awkward when I tried it. Thanks for the reviews!

    1. Glad it wasn't just me with the scout chinos. I like them but want them basically as "playground pants" and am wondering how easy breezy they will be if I can't bend my legs :)

  3. Ahoy, Matey. lol Yeah, you an do better than the cut of that peasant top. I always like those, though. Vintage cotton tee fabric has improved, based on touch. I haven't washed mine yet, but for $9.99 + 30%, had to. Thank for all of the reviews!!

    1. I know - so darn cheap! The peasant top thing takes me back to high school. I was definitely a a nouveau hippie. Not as cute now :)