Thursday, May 23, 2013

J. Crew Review: Popback: Collection Skirt in Hothouse Floral

Ah, dilemma. Ever since the Hothouse Floral print came out at J. Crew I have been a bit obsessed with it. I ended up passing on it because the prices remained too high and the top didn't really work for me (high neckline + pleats over the bustline = disaster).
So, with final sale gone, I am definitely doing my early morning check more than ever. And then the skirt, which I had never considered, pops up. In my size. Hmmm.... I walked away for a while and decided that if it was still there by the time I got back from my shower I would order it (have you ever done that? I am totally demented?). It was and after some hemming and hawing I bit. I can return it. Uh-huh.

Collection Skirt in Hothouse Floral (size 2)
 It's a shame the print doesn't photograph that well. The colors in real life are so much deeper and luscious. One of those prints I just want to dive into. I realize that it sort of looks like someone bled all over a perfectly good greens silk skirt but IRL the pattern is more complex. Anyway, I blather on. What is really selling me is the fit! The skirt lays so beautifully and fits absolutely perfectly at my waist. I was totally planning on not keeping this. I have no business owning an expensive skirt.

Sigh. I'm going to take a little time to decide but I do think it is unique and lovely. For those of you that own this - what do you pair it with?

Close up of pattern.

Do you ever play the "kismet game" with clothes? "If it's still there in my cart in one hour, then it must be meant to be :) ..."


  1. I play that game all the time!!
    It's such a lovely print... So wish it had come in a pencil skirt.
    I would wear it with navy or scarlet.

  2. Yay! Keep it! I have played that exact game with thid exact skirt several times in fact... I reallu, really, really wanted the blouse!
    You could wear it with classic stripes, or say a navy, maroon, or teal buttondown for starters... I usually try to keep the top simple and structured with such flowy pieces. Swoon.

  3. LOL, I play the popback game all the time - but only if it's not final sale! So glad the skirt worked out for you! It looks lovely on you. Happy Friday!

  4. I totally play that game...but sometimes I'm so disappointed if it does disappear. I have the blouse in this print and so far I've paired it with navy and bright dahlia (navy pants - bright dahlia sweater). I also had trouble photographing it well - I found when I took a snap for my Instagram close up it looked so much better than when I was trying to take a pic in the mirror! The skirt looks great on you though, you should definitely think about keeping it.

    The Fab Life