Saturday, May 25, 2013

J. Crew Review: Summer Arrivals - some skirts and some sparkle

This round of try-ons went a bit better. I like most of what I saw but nothing is screaming buy me now. Not yet at least. Do you ever start off thinking yeah, I like that, maybe I'll wait for it to do on sale. Then you completely forget about, followed by insane sale dance trying to nab it at 50% off. I'm trying to buy more thoughtfully this season - practical pieces and pieces that initially attracted me not pieces that were favorably reviewed or are "selling out fast". Ah. Ommmmm...

Double Crepe Skirt (size 0)
 This is quite cute. My usual bottoms size fit perfectly. The crepe is indeed thick and stiff but that is exactly what I liked about it. The pleating is subtle and on the whole flattering. The side view is quite poufy but in a purposeful way. I quite like this little skirt, maybe more so in the fall with tights.

 Space-Dyed V-Neck Sweater (size XXS)

 I have a weird obsession with all clothing or shoes in gold. It's a little strange. I ADORE this sweater. It is so lightweight and the fit is quite slouchy (even when I sized down) but I think it is just spot on. There are a myriad of colors in the sweater - gold, bronze, olive. Perfect little sweater to throw in your bag and pop over your tank top when it's a little chilly. A little bit on the shorter side.

Multistripe Popover (size 2) in brilliant monaco blue
Blech. This was really pulling across the chest and felt too short and poufy. Fit differently than the hawaiian print popover. Would be cute on someone less well-endowed tucked into a pencil skirt.

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Cotton (size 0)
 I have no idea what color this is but I liked it. My usual size was spot on although I wish they would make the waist on the no. 2 slightly smaller. I prefer the petite length in these skirts. This one was on sale but I forgot what the price was.

Graphic Eyelet Tee (size XXS) in Pale Apricot
You can see this above with the pencil skirt as well. I would need my usual size instead of one size down. I'm not loving this for $118. It's just a t-shirt. And that high neckline, what is up with that this season? So not flattering on my shape. The color is a lovely light peach which would look great with a light tan and cute cropped pants.

What are you loving from this most recent rollout?

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