Saturday, May 4, 2013

J. Crew Review - New Arrivals - Dresses!

And now.... the dresses!

Knit Tunic Dress with Marled Trim (XS)
I don't know why, but I love this dress. It is so cute and flattering... and pocketed! But, for how I would want to use it (i.e. as an actual dress) it is too short and the vee is too deep. The XS was nicely fitted without being too bootylicious. I'm going to rack my brain for a way to make this work. Too darn cute and comfy, and yet sexy?

Button-front dress in roller girl (Size 2)
This size felt right and I love the side view - nicely nipped in. the front felt too high necked for me again. I don't know what it is with the high necks this season but me no likey. Makes me look like a block with muscular arms. If you like graphic prints, this dress is adorable and balances the print nicely with a waist whittling silhouette.

 Apron Dress in Eyelet (size 2) in Navy
I LOVE apron dresses... in theory. So sexy and yet covered at the same time. This is truly a lovely little number. My body could have used the size 0 but I don't think my breasts would have fit into the size. The high neck is balance well with the lower sides and back. I think it is a fun new silhouette for J Crew to play with. Yum.

 Linen Cap-Sleeve Dress (size 2) in Festival Orange
Cuter than I thought it would be but I didn't love it. The good: the waist nips in nicely and the neckline is finally lower! The bad: the top is a little baggy and there is a lot of volume on the skirt (which is really cute but takes me out of my comfort zone). I think some people will look adorable in this dress - I'm just not sold. I think it would look better in a slightly stiffer material.

 Stripe Shirttail Dress (XS)
So I'm not sure what's going on this this dress but I can't even link to the product page anymore. I don't know if it's that sold out or they're trying to make it store only or what. Weird. Anyhoo, it's adorable and comfy and easy and I like the shirttail hem but I really do need something longer. I loveth short dresses but I do need to bend over. Just once in a while. I liked the XS - not too baggy and not too tight. 

Overall impressions of spring?

  1. Where are the fab printed pencil skirts? Or fab prints in general? I'm not counting the punk one since I'm not loving
  2. Why are the hemlines still so high (and I love short skirts)?
  3. Why are the necklines so high?
What are your impressions of J Crew's spring offerings?


  1. Love the apron dress on you!! I have that one on my sale watch list... ;-) Also thought the linen dress had possibilities, but it looked very saggy and wrinkly in the store so I wasn't tempted to try it on.

  2. I'm in total agreement about all of your points above. It's good news for me as I'm on a one-month J Crew shopping ban, but I'd be rather peeved if I was after some new prints.

  3. Great reviews! I have the striped shirttail hem dress and there is no way I could ever pull it off as a dress (I'm 5'8"). I do love it though so I've been pairing it belted with white skinny jeans or my destructed boyfriend jeans and it looks cute. But it's definitely more tunic length.

    The print on that black and white dress is cute but the neck is just odd. Cut differently I think it could be cute but the neckline makes it look frumpy. The skirt style is cute though.

    And agreed...where are our printed skirts? I picked up the striped skirt last week but come on!

  4. That knit tunic is certainly adorable -- considering adding it to my wishlist! I have one worry though: J.Crew categorizes it as a 'beach cover-up', do you think it's still suitable for the city?