Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews! Ginger Dress, Zelda Painted Shift and more

I got a little solo shopping time for Mother's Day and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. Plus, it was particularly well-deserved since I spent the week prior with the most awful stomach flu I think I've had in my entire life. This thing hung on for 5 days and even on my special mother's day I still wasn't feeling 100%. Nothing like a little illness to slow you down and make you stop. We all got through it together and now I'm just hoping and praying that no one else gets it! All I could think of was Emily Blunt's line from A Devil Wears Prada - "I'm just one stomach flu away from my ideal weight." Ha. I think I achieved that and more and am no fully enjoying putting some of that weight back on :)

Brocade Pencil Skirt (size 2) in Navy
This skirt is totally fine but nothing to get excited about. Maybe I should have tried it on in the mint color. the seaming on the side was lumpy which means a) lumpy looking hips (not good) and b) poorly made garment (really not good). I passed on this one.

 Bordeaux Skirt size XS
I have no idea what this is called or why I would want it but someone I convinced myself that I did. It's so soft and comfortable and I am attracted to the print which is full of interesting colors. The fit is definitely snug and I'm not sure what I'd pair with this on top but I took it home to play with it in my closet. 

 Washed Chambray Buttondown (XS)
Another version of the ubiquitous chambray shirt. It felt really short in fron and way too boxy. I like the way the tencel material drapes but that was about it. 

Rosy Sweatshirt (XS)
Why have I never seen this before? And on sale! What an absolutely adorable take on a sweatshirt. The embroidery is lovely and doesn't feel cheap or tacky and the sweatshirt is fleecy soft yumminess. The fit is quite slim considering it's a sweatshirt and I liked that!

Aurelian Brocade Dress (size 2)
The pictures online do not do justice to this dress. The colors are much brighter and the golden shimmer throughout the fabric is so fun. The fit is really sexy too. The top definitely runs small - I could zip it but I felt lik I was really squeezed in there. But, the waist fit perfectly and the hips were almost a little big so I'm concerned that the next size up will be too big. I ordered it and will review it when it comes. You must see this dress in person - it is truly special and if you can get the fit right it is gorgeous!

 Zelda Painted Shift (size 2)
 I love shift dresses - so classic and easy. The fit on this was a bit big, I might prefer a size 0. The shape is spot on for a shift dress though - short but not too short, boxy but not overly so... The print is what turned me off. I just don't want a picture of a lounging lady on the front of my body. if they did this in another print I would jump on it in a minute.

 Ginger Dress (size 2)
The leather straps are so cool! The rest, not so much. The skirt is an awkward length for me, the colors a bit bland and the fit on the top is strange. It fit at the top but then billowed all over the waist. The skirt was shapeless and dumpy. I'm trying to think what type of body would look good in this and I'm not sure. It almost has potential but I'm not sure how I would fix it.

Anyone know the name of the mystery skirt? Tag sale... is it around the corner?


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  2. I had the same issues with the Aurelian brocade dress -- I ordered a 2, which I normally wear in that brand and it fit snugly through the top with some room to spare in the hips. I knew the next size up would be too big, but the top felt a little squeezy for me so I passed.