Sunday, May 26, 2013

J. Crew Review: In depth: Linen City Mini

I don't know why but I keep on trying to make the city mini work for me. It almost does but I think I finally have to face facts that paper bag waists are not good for me.

Linen City Mini (size 2) in Flax

 Pictures can be so deceiving. It looks okay here but... it is very short. I think this length was okay in my 20's but not as much now. I can see why they keep it short, this style done too long would look uber frumpy. The belt helps hold in the waist and give some definition. The side view is pretty blah. I do love the color, however. The perfect shade for summer, almost like sand.

 Unbelted it is definitely less successful although the side view is improved. In the first picture I have pulled the skirt down to gain some length but it looks a bit awkward and makes me look even thicker-waisted.

There is a good 2 inches of fabric that you could let out if you are really dedicated to this skirt. It seems to be selling well since there is only one size left on the website presently.

Do you own a city mini? How do you make it work?


  1. I have been trying to make the city mini work for me for years, but have finally had to face the fact that it just doesn't:( Paper bag waists are HORRIBLE on me, no matter how cute the rest of the skirt is. I guess that's the problem with carrying most of my weight in my tummy! Also, I hate tucking things in and belting them, so there's that too.

    I don't think the skirt looks bad on you, though.

    1. Thanks! Yes tucking in and belting can either work great for me or add extra poundage. Post-baby I seem to be straight up from the hips instead of curving in which is what you need to make the tuck in work. Alas. There are certainly other skirts out there!

  2. What size do you normally wear in bottoms? There is a size 2 left but I'm not sure how it will fit. I normally wear a 4.