Monday, May 13, 2013

J. Crew Review: Summer is here!

Okay, so not really, it's been pretty chilly, rainy and damp but... the clothes tell another story. I'll admit that summer is not my favorite season fashion wise: I wear shorts but don't love them and can't wear half of the adorable sundresses that come out because I don't do spaghetti straps (hate having my bra peek out). I'm really most in love with fall for fashion. But, it is refreshing to walk into a store just filled with bright sunny colors. Makes me feel like I'm already on summer vacation (which is quickly coming - I think we only have about 4 more weeks of school left!) which of course implies beach, sun and perhaps a naughty drink with an umbrella. Realistically it means trying to figure out a way to entertain my 3 year old daughter all day while trying to spring clean and get some work done :)

Here are some summery finds from my recent J Crew visit:

Vintage Cotton Tee in Sea Horse (XS)
I'm not really even particularly into Seahorses but I love this t-shirt. It fits perfectly! Just the right length, just the right drape and not too see-through. Plus the print placement is flattering. My only qualm? J Crew t-shirts tend to last about 3 washes and then they get holes. Nonetheless, this thing is super cute and if it goes on sale it is mine.

Schoolboy Blazer in Indigo Dot (size 2)
 I just don't love the schoolboy blazer shape. I think the style is all wrong on me. I think it's something about the shape gradually tapering in toward the bottom instead of tapering at the waist and back out. Makes me feel ill-proportioned. If you like schoolboy blazers, however, this is a very cute one and currently on sale in store.

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Neon-Piped Seersucker (size 00)
I tried this on previously in a size 0 (see here) and wanted to see what it looked like in the 00. I prefer this size and have found that I can size down one size on all the pencil skirts this season. All the neon-piped seersucker stuff is so cute. I can't do full on neon but a little tiny bit of it is so fun. Really cute.

 Pleated Short in Seersucker (size 0)
Excuse the belly shot but I like to show how the waistband lies (lays? darn I can't remember which it's supposed to be). These are very attractive and on the dressier side for shorts. Not a huge fan of pleats but it's pretty subtle. The waist band fell flat against my body and I liked that the rise wasn't too high. Overall, nice!

 Polka Dot Ruffled Top (size 2) in navy
Daisy Lace Mini (size 0) in White

The top is fine, not my style, but very feminine and good for work. It does fit on the blousier side - more of a swing shape as I think they mention in the description. The mini feels a bit too mini for me. Wish it were a bit longer as you can't really let out any material with the lace edging. I don't think I could have sized up for length because the skirt would have hung too low and not fit on my waist properly. It is adorable, so maybe I'll reassess when summer is here. Sometimes, after being covered up for so long, it's hard to reveal again!

 Engineered-Stripe Boatneck Top (XS) in ivory navy

 Cafe Capri in Neon-Tipped Seersucker (size 0) in Red Current

 Vintage Cotton V-Neck Tee (S)
The size small is too big and too long (and too low yikes!) but I do love that vintage cotton fabric. It gets holes too quickly but it is nice and breezy in the summer. Like the color here.

Perfect Shirt in Mint Plaid (size 2)
IRL this plaid is way more interesting. It's not just plain white and aqua - there's subtle striping and some other colors in there. If you zoom in on the product shot on the J Crew page you'll see what I mean. Definitely cuter in person and has the standard perfect shirt fit.

 Linen Cote d'Azur Tee (size XXS)
Shocking that this is an XXS as there is still plenty of room. Very cute. Love linen.

5" Seersucker Short (size 2)
I can't find these on the website and weirdly these seem to have just arrived in stores but are already on sale for $39.99. Anyway, comfortable and cute and I like the colors. I tried on a size 0 at another time but think I could have gone with either.

 5" Chino Short (size 2) in sea glass
Cute, standard fare. Also tried these on in a size 0 at another time. These tend to stretch out a little so I would go with usual size 0. Currently on sale in this color for $29.99.

 Vintage Cotton Tee (XS) in Heather Coral
Totally basic, totally summery, TTS. 

Whew. More reviews to come!

Anyone make some purchases during the recent 30% sale?

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