Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews - Some new, some old...

I've been obsessed with the mod-stripe chemise ever since I first tried it on. Of course, now that it went on sale and I rushed in to buy it, it's sort of hot here! Anthro definitely has some adorable summer stuff and I couldn't resist trying on a few things while I was there...

Striational Midi Chemise (XS) in Blue Motif
I thought I would love this but I think it's sort of a shapeless mess. The XS felt quite large and the length is a little dowdy on me. The stripes are to die for - I really love the colors. A pass though, especially from the side - very nightgown.

Flamingo Repeat Shift (XS)
Yummy yum yum and a drool. This was a little lonesome sitting on the "we only have one" rack. Oh my. I think it is so darn cute. I especially love it because it looks somewhat fitted for a shift dress. Very flattering from all angles and I love the interesting criss-cross on the back. 2 very small complaints: the criss cross stuff that extends to the shoulders makes the shoulders feel a little tight and the blue cuffs somehow look like cheap polyester. Thus, why I didn't buy it but why I will stalk it forever. Really so darn cute and the most darling colors.

 Dogflora Midi Dress by Leifnotes (XS) in Red
Not sure what to say. I guess it looks okay (although my boobs barely squeezed into the XS) but I really didn't like the material. Felt so cheap! I do love the lace trend but I think I can do better. Good empire waist, however.

 Chessia Dress (size 2)
I get it with this dress. It is quite flattering with its very fitted top and waist and just flared enough skirt. I would almost prefer it with just stripes and no lace insert. But that might just be me. Love the bra-friendliness of the top. Hallelujah.

 Charlie Trousers (size 2) in Blue Motif
O...M...G... Cherries, yes! This are so cute and soft and just all around adorable. This is my normal size 2 (sometimes I have to size up in Cartonnier pants) and I think they are just all kinds of adorable. I'm showing the butt shot to show that it is not obscene but definitely revealing. I wouldn't mind trying on the size 4 for comparison but feel that this is the right size. They are just so cute. Not sure what color top I would go for.

 Braided Twill Trousers (size 2) in Green
Would definitely prefer a size 0 in these (my J Crew size these days). Super casual and cute and really lightweight cotton = perfect summer playground pants. I'm actually not so keen on the braiding detail as  it draws attention/ weight to my hips. I like.

Spun Meteoroid Blouse (size XS)
Hexprint Maxi Skirt (size S)
Once a summer I gotta go for the hippie dippy trippy outfit. Woah. This is all kinds of crazy on me. I adore Tracy Reese - used to buy a lot of her goods at Daffy's when I lived in NYC. This blouse is not at all good on me. I don't know how they got it to look so lovely in the product shot - it does not drape well at all! The skirt is interesting but stuck out in an awkward way from my hips - not good. Oh well. Maybe I'll just go reprise my role in "Hair". This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius...

Huge sale this Monday - what were your must haves?


  1. My favorite on you is the Flamingo Repeat Shift. It's such a cute print and the shape is flattering too. Also like both of the pants you tried. The cherry print is adorable! I think you coud wear it with solid blue, red, white, and maybe light grey tops.

  2. I agree with ABC above, the flamingo shift is gorgeous! I think you should get it!!

  3. I absolutely love the Charlie cherry print trousers on you! Please, if you don't mind, could you let me know what sandals you're wearing? I'm looking for a pair like that at the moment. :-)

    1. Thanks! The sandals are by Merrell and called "Alyssum". They are from last summer so they might not make them anymore but I'm sure they have a similar style. They are ridiculously comfortable and give some height so they are a win win for running around during the spring and summer!

    2. Thanks so much! I never thought of buying Merrell sandals before but those look really great. I'll take a look and see if they have a similar pair this year.