Saturday, May 18, 2013

Madewell Reviews - Tops!

Spring fun at Madewell continues...

Floral Boyshirt (size S)
I am truly obsessed with their Flora print this spring. The Silk Cami Dress in Flora is absolutely adorable but I thought maybe I could make the shirt version work for me (certainly more affordable). Also check out the Floral Pintuck Camisole if you like this print. I didn't love the shirt on - this size felt too big and short and boxy. 

 Floral Boyshirt (size XS)
This size is less loose in the body but the shirt felt really short - like unable to stay tucked in short. Plus there was some gaping at the chest. Sad sad sad. The print is so cheery and would go with just about anything. The material is a really light cotton - almost semi-gauzy. Maybe I'll try again next time I'm at the store. Nip tuck at the waist by a tailor?

 Striped Boatneck Tank (XS)
Now I'm really kicking myself - I had no idea this shirt in this color was completely sold out online. It is so freaking cute! The back! I can wear a bra and reveal some back skin - hallelujah! My usual size XS felt good and fitted but not too tight. I wish I had bought this. Hopefully it will come back online (things usually do).

Studio Sweater in Zebra (size S)
Zebras nuzzling? Who can resist. This sweater is very soft and lightweight and runs quite large but it's supposed to.

 Studio Sweater in Zebra (size XS)
Here it is in the XSmall which fit perfectly. Slouchy and laid back but not sloppy. Slouchy nuzzling zebras, I didn't know I needed you but I believe I do.

 Arrowstack Necklace $55.00
I was in a rush - just to give you an idea of size and length. I didn't love it because it got sort of lost and bounced around in the chasm between by breasts. Just sayin'. Looked fabulous on the SA there. Just a unique fun piece of jewlery - fairly heavy for the size.

Tomorrow - Madewell bottoms!

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