Saturday, January 2, 2016

Madewell Reviews: Rivet & Thread, Lace Asymmetrical Skirt, Silk Canal Top and Lace Long-Sleeve Shift Dress

Rivet & Thread Button-Down Shirt in Harvey Plaid (XS)
I am obsessed with flannel. My weekend outfit is flannel and skinny jeans and booties. So comfy and yet I feel like I made an effort. I have always had my eye on this flannel as the colors are really different. Almost a periwinkle blue and a salmon. Very beautiful, very soft, a bit oversized and long. Good for wearing over skinny pants.

Indigo-Dyed Popover Shirt in Casey Plaid (XS)
Ok, so theoretically this shape is not supposed to be good for me because I am  busty and it hides my waist but.... it's so darn cute! I love that it looks like a flannel shirt but has a totally different shape. The vee in the front goes low enough to give it a bit of shape and reveal a bit of skin. I don't see it online yet or maybe it sold out? Can't quite bear to pay full price for it but will definitely pounce if there is a promo.

Lace Long-Sleeve Shift Dress (Size 0) in Shale Grey
Another lace shift dress. I bought the J Crew Lace Shift Dress so I don't need another one. I like that this is long-sleeved - the sleeves are lace with a chiffon inset on the side. This is a size 0 and it felt fairly roomy but I would stick with that size so go with the smaller of your 2 sizes for sure. I believe it was something crazy like $59.99 + 40% off but don't quote me on that - I just remembering thinking wow that is pretty cheap! I will say that it is THIN and feel fairly flimsy. One reason I like the J Crew dress is that it has some heaviness to it. Drapes better.

 Lace Asymmetrical Skirt (size 0)
Yikes. This skirt is SHORT. Too short for me. The size 0 barely fit, I would definitely go with the size 2. Of course, I have packed on a good 5 lbs of holiday fun so that's not helping.

 Lace Asymmetrical Skirt (size 2)
Much better. Still hella short. It's cute, I like the different shape and the fabric has a bit of thickness to it to hide lumps and bumps. The color is also lovely - not quite a burgundy - just a deep red.

Silk Canal Tank Top in Inkflower (XS)
I love tops like this. So comfortable and elegant feeling. The pattern was a bit bold for my taste.

The back is lovely and longer. The silk feels great. My husband actually picked this out for me. This shape is hard to pull off when you are busty but I still like it a lot.

Enjoying shifting through Madewell's sale section now that it is 40% off.

Here are a few of my picks:

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Love the print of the Silk Canal top. It looks lovely on you. Far nicer than on the Madewell website.