Saturday, January 16, 2016

Madewell Reviews: Flannel Slim Tunic, Feature Pullover, Hexcomb Texture Sweater, Flannel Slim Boyshirt in Lawndale and Buffalo Check Ex-Boyfriend Shirt

Madewell. Really trying to get back into them. I am really loving their ex-boyfriend shirts this year. They are nice and long for good butt coverage and are just fitted enough to not make you feel too sloppy. Bought the Flannel Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Bainbridge Plaid on sale and am contemplating getting this one or this one as well. I also need to try their jeans again. A few years ago I bought a couple pairs of their rail straight jeans but I haven't liked the ones recently. I like the look of these as a basic pair to wear with anything but look a little dressy since they are a uniform wash. Also interested in giving the Alley Straight jeans another try in either this wash, this wash or the black wash.

Rivet & Thread Flannel Slim Tunic Shirt in Hailey Plaid (XS)
The plaid on this is much prettier IRL than it is in this picture. It's very soft and thick and I LOVED it. It was a little snug over the bustline but I think it would be fine on someone with an average chest size. My only gripe was the length of the sleeves. I have fairly long arms for my height but still - they were REALLY short. You can see how they barely reach my wrist. Besides that, it's very cute.

Feature Pullover Sweater in Gentle Blush (XS)
I've tried this one before. What I love - it is not oversized at all - fits perfectly in my usual size XS - and I feels like a double layers waffle-y thick fabric that is warm without being bulky. My only problem was that I wasn't in love with any of the colors. I'm always drawn to a nice pale pink but am never sure if it makes me look too pasty or not. Recommended if you are in the need of a cozy sweater that is flattering!

Hexcomb Texture Sweater (XS) in Peach Blush
This one is a little thicker than the Feature Pullover and I felt like it added bulk to my frame. Also a teensy bit short.

Close up of texture - it's interesting and I liked it.

Flannel Slim Boyshirt in Lawndale Plaid (XS)

The fit is good - like most of the ex-boyfriend shirts. The colors are interested as well - there is a raspberry color running through it which is really beautiful. Overall I felt that the plaid read a little too masculine for my taste so I passed but I may revisit.

Flannel Ex-Boyfriend Shirt in Buffalo Check (XS)
Buffalo Check - it is everywhere, again, this season. I thought this would be huge but it fit just like all the other ex-boyfriend shirts. It's a lovely soft flannel that actually feels like flannel and not just another cotton shirt. The pocket is a cute touch since the plaid is slightly at an angle. Adorable. I can picture sipping some hot cocoa by the fireplace that we don't have on a cold winter's night.

What have you found at Madewell lately?

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