Monday, January 18, 2016

Brooks Brothers Review: Wool Windowpane Dress, Natalie Fit Jacquard Pants, Flannel Tartan Shirt and Wool Blazer

I wanted to TRY to get this up before all the prices go back up and I am just making it under the wire. Run on over to Brooks Brothers because they are having some of their lowest prices of the season and some of their stuff is SOO GOOD. And the quality is SO MUCH BETTER than other retailers.

Wool Windowpane Dress (Size 2)

This dress is so lovely except for that unsightly hip bump - I'm not sure if this was a flaw with this particular dress or with the style overall but it is not good. Besides that I love the contrasting waistband and the windowpane print and the lining! Fully lined. What a concept.

Red Fleece Flannel Tartan Shirt (size 2) ($30!)

This is a REAL flannel shirt. Love the nice soft thick flannel. The plaid is really different which I liked. TTS. My only not like were the pockets but that's only because I am a strict non pocket on the chest wearer. It just makes me feel self-conscious about my chest size. Otherwise - really nice!

Some other things I'm loving:

There are so many goodies - that lace skirt looks amazing as well as the reasonably priced leather pencil skirt (also comes in a STUNNING burgundy color).

The Natalie Fit Jacquard Pants are lovely. I have them in a size 0 and they fit perfectly and are quite flattering. The pattern is a fun geometric print and the waist sits low enough to be comfortable and look good. I will have some photos coming but for now - snap them up! Take them in your usual J Crew pant size.

Red Fleece Wool Blazer (size 0)

 This is a steal at $99. It is a bit boxy but I like it that way. I also like that it feels a little "shrunken". Lined in this really cool patterned fabric and there is a wool plaid under the collar. I don't wear blazers very often so I've been on the fence about it but I think it's a nice staple to have in the closet. I wish the pictures did it justice. I sized down on this one.

Hope you find some good things! The prices on these items are really good and I do find that the quality and fit on most items is very very good.

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