Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Reviews

I do love me some Brooks Brothers. I'm mostly attracted to the quality and since they fine tuned their Red Fleece line, they're starting to get some of the style right too.

Supima Cotton Printed Shirt (size 2)

 I wouldn't call myself a palm tree person but this print is cute without being cutesy. What I really love is how well the shirt fits, how nicely the collar stands and how perfect the cotton feels. Sigh. I do wish the print were something I was more into but this shirt is so lovely and flattering on I may have to keep it anyway. In my hunt for more perfectly tailored cotton shirts, I may also check out the Cotton Oxford Shirt  and the Supima Cotton Oxford Stripe Shirt

Cotton Blend Fair Isle Sweater (XS)

 Fair isle! I love you but am also afraid of you. Always worried that lots of business across the chest is not going to be a good plan for me. I LOVE the elbow patches. Such an adorable detail. As you can see in the last pic, this sweater does run a little big under the arms. The material feels good - not itchy at all. Neckline is a little higher than I would like. I'm just not sure if I dig the whole raglan fair isle pattern placement. Really on the fence with this one. They also have this one which is more traditional but a little drab in the color palette. What do you think? Would love to add a fair isle sweater to my collection but maybe it should be this one:

J. Crew Sequin Fair Isle Sweater (XXS) (review upcoming)

 Hibiscus Print Pants (size 0)
 I tried these on a long time ago in a size 2 and they were too big. These aren't too small, in fact I like the way they look on my leg, but they do this weird pooching thing at the belly. Boo. So cute and lightweight - perfect for summer. May have to check out these adorable plaid  Wool Stretch Plaid Pants instead.

 Cotton Quilted Skirt (size 0)
 Yup cute. The quilting is so nice and makes the skirt feel warm and squishy and yet doesn't add bulk. .The size 0 is slightly snug but they may be because I am not my usual size 0 presently. More a 0 1/2 ;) Anyway - very cute. Well made. Also loving their Stripe Pencil Skirt.

What do you think of their offerings? How about that fair isle sweater?


  1. I really like the BB sweater. I like it better than the JC one but that is just my opinion. The skirt is adorable too!

    1. Love your opinion - thank you! I really like it too - the elbow patches are something special.

  2. I have that Brooks Brothers fair isle sweater myself, so I'd definitely go for it! I think the raglan style makes it more wearable than an all-over pattern, especially outside of the holidays, and the elbow patches are pretty unique compared to other sweaters in the same style, which was what finally sold me on it (especially when I tend to wear puffer vests in the winter that would otherwise cover up the main pattern).

    1. Awesome. There don't seem to be many other bloggers who enjoy Brooks Brothers and I've really been intrigued by them in the past year. Their Red Fleece line is not always spot on but it is of excellent quality and fulfills my need for preppy gear with a little interest.