Saturday, January 9, 2016

Loft Reviews: Lou & Grey Sweatshirt Sweater and Foulard Pencil Pants in Julie Fit and Marisa Fit

I really just try to stick to a few retailers - otherwise it's just too exhausting to follow everyone's sales and deals! But, of course I was lured in to try a few things at Loft's 60% off sale. I don't know why, but I seem to have some fit problems at Loft. I generally like their work-oriented clothing but I'm also a little once-bitten twice shy about the way it stretches out. Not that other retailers aren't guilty of that but their stuff can be extreme. Anyway, I'm always willing to try so here's what I found.

Lou & Grey Sweatshirt Sweater (XS)
My apologies for the dark pics. This sweater is adorable but so so wide. I would need the XXS for sure. I like the open neckline and the slightly cropped length. The color is beautiful as well.

Foulard Pencil Pants in Julie Fit (size 0)

This print is adorable. Love it. The Julie Fit is not for me. It fit fairly well in the waist but was way too roomy in the hips and butt.

Foulard Pencil Pants in Marisa Fit (size 0)
Yay for the Marisa Fit. Definitely much better on my body. Felt slimmer overall and definitely better in the hips. Unfortunately the waist was still too big and given my past experiences with Loft I bet these will stretch so I need a 00. Let me tell you - I am definitely not a 00 so these pants run big. I also ordered the Plaid Pencil Pants in Marisa Fit  which I liked a lot but they had the same problem. I really think I need the 00 and am a bit too lazy to reorder. They were nice and thick and draped well.

Finally, I also ordered the Lou & Grey Spacedye Slouch Sweater in an XXS. I love the drapiness of the knit and how nice it felt on but I still think it's a little too wide. Wish it could be as drapey yummy without quite as much width.

I do like the Lou & Grey line and am still contemplating ordering the Spacedye Velour Top, Spacedye Sweatshirt Dress, Sweatshirt Dress or the Signaturesoft Open Jacket.

What do you think of Loft's 60% off sale?

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