Sunday, January 10, 2016

J. Crew Review: Pull-On Pant in Floral Lace, Ryder Pant, Striped T-Shirt with Bow-Embellished Back and Campbell Blazer

Pull-On Pant in Floral Lace (size 0)
I was so excited to find these on the sale rack. I love lace and who doesn't love the occasional elastic waistband? They are lovely in person and I love the actual lace hem at the bottom. They fit really weirdly on me though - the legs are fairly baggy and there was extra material in the crotch area. Instead of feeling cute and chic, I felt like a Florida grandma. I do think sizing down would help. In fact, they might actually be cute in a size smaller and I will say they are comfortable.

Ryder Pant in Bittersweet Chocolate (size 2)
I'm pretty sure these were a size 2 - but not totally positive. They are so tight - I guess like the minnie pant - which I never liked either. The rise is also fairly high - good for some - not for my short-waisted little self. Anyhoo, I just felt like I was in very tight uncomfortable slightly itchy leggings. Pass for me and my body type.

Striped T-Shirt with Bow-Embellished Back (XS)
Yay stripes. Totally my comfort zone. This top is so adorable. It does run a bit small but really only if you are looking for a slouchy top. I have been looking for a more fitted, slightly dressier striped top and this one is it. Purchased and wore on NYE with my navy sequin mini!

Campbell Blazer in Sparkle Donegal Wool (size 0)
The sparkle is subtle and very cute. The size 0 is one size down from my normal size and it actually felt fine. Not tons of room for movement but I liked the fitted silhouette. Would probably stick with my normal size 2 though. I like that J Crew is fiddling around with their blazer shapes - the school boy was never great on me and I like that this one has a waist. My only question is - where do you wear a slightly sparkly wool business blazer? Not fun enough for party time and too fun for business time. Just my 2 cents.

Trying not to get drawn in by final sale online. I also think that some things could get a deeper discount - hopefully that is coming! How about you?


  1. Hello, I am looking at the striped shirt at J. Crew but I can't decide what size to order since reviews say it runs small. Can you share your size and height to see if it helps me? I am 5'5" and weigh 135 lb. so I am thinking a medium but I'm nervous that it might be too small.

    1. Hi Another Mom, of course! I am 5'4" and weigh around 121 pounds usually. I'm also quite busty. I am consistently an XS at J Crew a size 2 sometimes 0 in tops. I wanted this top to be more fitted so I took my usual size. If you want it to fit a bit more slouchy - more like a breton - I would go up a size. Hope that helps!

  2. Really helpful reviews, and in particular for me, the info about the Ryder pant is helpful. I'd been eyeing that one online, but was confused with reviews re) size and fit. High rise pants don't do me any favors either, so I'm really glad to know all of this (as well as your other reviews.) Thanks!