Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Anthropologie Review: Fly Away Pullover, Fleeced Cocoon Jacket, Picotage Sheath, Sugar Pine Sweater Coat

Fly Away Pullover (XS)
 I saw this on a shelf and picked it up thinking I would definitely purchase with my birthday discount. I do love the colors of the bird and the way the fabric is sort of brushed. I just found the fit to be a bit weird - a little tight in the arms and then sort of swingy in the body. I love a good swing style on other body types but not on mine. When you're busty, that shape emphasizes all the wrong things. Very cozy and comfortable overall though.

 Shawled Cashmere Wrap
I liked the design and the cashmere felt very soft to me. It sort of overwhelms my frame a bit - would probably prefer it on someone a bit taller (I'm 5'4"). But also love to see it in that gorgeous blue color! Have been eyeballing these little Portolano Cashmere wraps. So many delicious colors and I love Portolano cashmere. Have you ever heard of this little company called Isobel and Cleo? They are semi-local and make the most luscious wool products. I recently tried this wrap which you can wear about a million and one ways and also comes in an array of fabulous colors. Produced in the U.S. and committed to sustainable design - what's not to like?

 Sugar Pine Sweater Coat (XS)
 Ugh. I keep on trying this on because I love it so much. The XS is just not small enough for me. And to be honest, I think I really need a petite and I'm sure there's no way that's going to happen. The lining is a soft jersey and the outside colors are so striking. If I could ever catch a popback of this puppy in the right size I would go for it! I know this French Connection one is not really the same but I like the look of it - a bit leaner. Or how about a plaid-lined sweater coat from Madewell? Or this cute Boucle one from Hanna Andersson. Banana Republic even has a nice stripey one. Or of course a Plaid Sweater Coat. Love me some plaid.

 Fleeced Cocoon Jacket (XS)
 Fleece in a blazer shape? Why not? Love this deep color. Ran big - would need a size or 2 down. I like the hemline but it felt cheaply made overall. If you want fleece and a blazer, check out this cute little number at Land's End. Comes in a bunch of different colors and looks much more fitted.

 Picotage Sheath (Size 2)

This is lovely - fit perfectly in size 2 - although would probably wear some spanx with it. This midi length is super cool but also super hard to pull off. Would probably pair it with some heels or possibly have it shortened a bit (See last pic where I tuck it under to knee length). The petite version would probably be perfect. The material was different than I was expecting - very stretchy and frankly didn't feel worth $158. Nonetheless, it's so cute it's tempting me with my birthday discount.

On a side note, can anyone identify the necklace in the Amalia Sweater Tunic picture (bronze colorway)? I LOVE it and have been looking to add something like this to my jewelry collection. Any help appreciated!

What has been tempting you during the 40% off sale?


  1. Love the Picotage sheath on you! It looks gorgeous, and I`m always a midi length fan. Makes it look more vintage!

    Ugh. No more shopping for this Canadian. Our dollar is now dropped so low that it costs almost 40% more for US stuffs. Plus shipping and taxes. No way! If only the local anthro had more stuff to choose from! I did get a great black blazer from Cartonnier in the 40% off sale. It fits just like the J Crew schoolboy, but with cute anthro details and actually a good synthetic blend (moths ate my favourite wool schoolboy from JC...)

    1. Second you on that Sarah, our dollar has hit the sewer, even lower than the toilet - but if you can find something in the Canadian stores - they will still do a charge send for you - just an FYI