Monday, January 11, 2016

J. Crew Review: Collarless Coat, Perfect Cable Sweater, Swiss-Dot Flutter-Sleeve Top, Wool Crepe Dress

Hmmm. I couldn't remember the name of this one. I was drawn to the dimensional color of the crystals but I thoughts the "rainbows" were a little distracting. If I'm going to go J Crew Crystal I would consider this one, this one or this one.

Double-Cloth Collarless Coat (size 2)
I had never noticed this online before. I generally don't buy coats since I wear my parka pretty much every day once the temperature dips below 50. Anyway - the color on this is sooo rich. The pictures don't do it justice - it is a perfect royal purple. I liked the simplicity of it - the pockets did pooch a little on the sides but not much. The one pooched a little more because I could feel there was this weird thread on the inside of the coat somehow that didn't get sewn correctly and was making the pocket pull. Hard to explain. The size 2 felt like the right size despite a few reviews saying it ran large.

Perfect Cable Sweater (size S) in Bright Lemon
I am such a sucker for cable sweaters and this one is done well. I grabbed the size small because it looked super short. It's a bit too wide in this size but overall nice. The Bright Lemon is SUPER bright but I actually sort of liked it.

Swiss-Dot Flutter-Sleeve Top in Navy (size 2)

This was a surprise love but my husband said it looked too "tween". I didn't even know he knew that word or what it meant. It's really lovely and quite flattering. The crepe material has some heft to it which makes the overall line slim and flattering. The only snafu for me was the top part which would require a camisole/tank top. Loved it though.

Vintage Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt (XS) in Warm Mediterranean
This color is so pretty but the vee is a little low. That wouldn't have deterred me but what did was the stomach area and the thinness of the material. I have a really bad imbilical hernia from my 2nd pregnancy and until I have time to fix it, thin tight tees are a no no.

Classic Tank Top (XS) in Vintage Sea
Same problem here - hello hernia! The material was thicker which I liked and the color was really beautiful. The high neck and slight racerback make it a little masculine looking. Not my fave.

Tilly Cardigan Sweater (XS)
Ooooo this color. I forgot to note what it was called but I loved it. Not really green, sort of teal-ish but so gorgeous. The material is very thin but in an elegant way. Now let's talk about this picture - I think tween would be more appropriately used here - it is so short! And tight! and that's my "midriff" hanging out which makes me very uncomfortable. I don't know if sizing up to a small would do it but maybe it would. Love the slightly dressier feel of it because of the thinness of the knit (in a good way).

Double-Faced Wool Crepe Dress in Brunswick Blue (size 2)

This is another gorgeous color from J Crew. It's a very nice dress but I think you need a particular shape for it. The top would probably be roomy for most (fit my larger bust well), the waist is quite fitted and then the skirt is a-line. If you're curvy, you should love this dress. It was almost a home-run for me except I felt like the waist sat a little low. A petite might be the perfect fit?

I really wish final sale would go away. There are some thing I'd like to try but no way am I risking final sale! How about you?


  1. I bought that necklace during the post-Christmas sales! Also haven't been able to find it online, though.

  2. I made quite a few purchases from JC this year -- most of them were just practical, to replace older items, rather than true 'loves' -- but that Swiss Dot blouse was a love for me! Wore in on NYE, no cami underneath, just a black bra to match the fabric. I hope you kept yours, I think it looks great (as does that purple dress! So pretty!)