Sunday, September 1, 2013

Madewell Reviews: Tops and Sweaters!

More madewell reviews. I don't know if I should be embarrassed or excited that I have already been to our new Madewell store 3 times! First was for the launch party (yay fun drinks and desserts), the second time was to return something (and okay try on some stuff) and the third time was with my dear husband to look at potential dresses for an upcoming wedding. And the best thing is, if I want to try out something online, I don't have to worry about return shipping costs! Yahoo. I shall bask in the newfound glory or my local store. What a going back to school treat.

Just a disclaimer: The shopsense links for Madewell still don't seem to be working properly but hopefully they will be fixed soon

Linen Pocket Tank (XS) in Airy Willow
Metalcraft Necklace
I think these linen tanks are great but I just don't love them on my body type. I think I look sort of thick through the middle. If I was less busty I'd be scooping them up in all colors since they have that perfect effortless drape and are nice and cool in the heat. This necklace I picked up during a 20% off jewelry promo. That with my teacher discount brought it to a reasonable price. Glad I did it too because it is now sold out. I've basically been wearing it every day and love the different colors of metal. You can also wear it long if you'd like.

 Silk Peasant Blouse in Bamboo Leaf (XS)
I knew this shape wouldn't be right for me but it is a darling blouse. Bright and cheery and a fairly slim cut for a peasant blouse. It is also currently sold out but I'm sure it will pop back. Would be lovely tucked into a pencil skirt.

 Heathered Linen V-Neck Tee (XS)
Reade Pants (size 2) in Dusty Burgundy
I own one of these linen tees and love it. Beware of sizing because I have found a large discrepancy between same pieces in the same size. This XS fit okay but the one I have (in sort of a purply blue) fits perfectly (albeit slightly low cut).
I had high hopes for the Reade Pants - I was hoping for a more relaxed version of the Minnie. Alas they were too grabby in all the wrong places and the crotch area just did not lay right. The SA said this particularly seemed to be the case with the Burgundy color and that the black style did not have the same problem.

Perfect Textured Sweater (size S) in Heather Toffee
A great little soft slouchy sweater in a beautiful camel color. I think it feels and looks a bit cheap though. Notice how the hemline sort of ripples a bit? And the trim looks added on. I do appreciate the slightly longer hem of the back.

 Sleeveless Sweatshirt Peplum Top (XS) in Marled Pepper
This sweatshirt material (they also do a short-sleeved and sleeveless dress) is so comfy and soft. The XS was a little tight for my taste. All I see is breast. I tried this on later in a S and liked the fit much better. The peplum is incredibly slight which I appreciated. A good way to wear a dressier style with a more casual vibe.

 Linen Raglan Tee in Broadstripe (XS) in true black
I love this tee. Just the right fit. Don't love the stripes - too prisoner for me. Nice neckline.

Unknown Zip Cardigan Sweater (XS)
I was immediately drawn to this but didn't like the shape on. There are pockets on the side which is a charming touch but they added bulk. Maybe if I just wore it open?

Boatneck Cableknit Sweater (size S) in French Vanilla
I liked this a lot - so soft and cozy and looks awesome over skinny pants because the back hem just barely covers your bum. There is something about the top part that makes me feel like a linebacker but the overall concept is lovely. Also love that perfect cream color.

Believe it or not, there are a few more Madewell reviews coming... Trying to get them in now before work starts up again and I have no time!

Have you grabbed anything in Madewell's 30% sale?

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