Thursday, September 26, 2013

J. Crew Review: Fall rolls in with some blouses

Some continued reviews from my visit the other day. Now that 30% is up and running I may have to peruse that sale section - it was quite full!

Pleated Lace-Stripe Silk Blouse (size 2)
I liked the buttons down the back - they are a nice detail. It's a bit too prim and proper for me. I think I would only feel comfortable wearing it under a blazer. It's definitely not opaque but I didn't feel like it was terribly obscene with a nude bra underneath. The lace detail is pretty but it didn't stand out as anything particularly special.

Grid Block Tee (XXS) in Multi Grid
 I don't know, but I love this. Definitely size down - I had to do this with all the linen tees this year. It sort of has this retro 'Atari" feel. If you don't know what Atari is then I just aged myself. At least I'm not still computing from my Commodore 64 and Dot Matrix Printer (sad but true).

Tipped Swiss-Dot Top (size 2)

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Colorblock Houndstooth Wool (size 0)

 This top is definitely going for something, and I appreciate that. I'm not sure what to do with the collar. I buttoned at the top in the first picture but had the distinct feeling of being strangled. The cut is slimmer which I like and if you could get the collar to lay open in a subtle way, I think this could be cute. I think I prefer it tucked in. the skirt was not a love for me. I think J. Crew pencil skirts keep on getting bigger and bigger. This one felt a little loose in the waist and yet the side few looks sort of snug. I didn't think the colorblocked sections were sewn together particularly well - sort of lumpy.
 Pintucked Popover (size 2)
This was in the sale section and I wanted to love it because the cotton is DIVINE. I don't know what it is exactly but the cotton this shirt is made of is just perfect. Crisp, clean, cool to touch. LOVE it. the shape is rather blah.

 Wool Racing-Stripe Track Pant (size 0) in Black
 I like the idea of these and for what they are I didn't find them unflattering. I did find them extremely itchy though. They are totally unlined and the wool is really scratchy. They're basically really expensive glorified sweatpants but I liked the way they fit in the bum  - no diaper butt. If they did this in a thick cotton knit, I would consider them.

 Drapey Crepe Henley Tunic (size 2)
 I'd say you can safely size down on this one. There was quite a bit of width, and length. The color is maybe in-store only? I like the idea but feel it almost looks too plain. Would pair it with a bright printed pencil skirt or wear it with jeans if it was offered in a print. I feel like I should be in the Mormon Tabernacle with this one.

30% is on and I'm sure I'll be scouring the site. Anything you are hoping will pop back?

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  1. I love the racing track pants, I just dont know which color to get, navy is my fave, but the black looks more easy match :P
    I really like the pants on you! and I also tried the size 00 once the 0 was not availble, and it fits good - so you can easy size down to 00 cause you are taller and lighter than me :o)
    Thank you for the reviews!