Friday, September 27, 2013

Madewell Review: some recent sale dresses...

Since Madewell is having it's 25% off sale promo this weekend, I thought I would quickly get these dress reviews up. Even though it's fall and the temptation is there to buy things, I know most will go on further sale. Plus, I did a pretty good job at stocking up on key fall/winter clothes last year so I'm trying to chill out a bit. It's hard though!

Pixelbloom Shiftdress (XS)
Amazingly this went on sale a day or two ago and is already sold out. It might pop back but I've found that items will disappear from Madewell's site for a quite a bit and the reappear possibly even a month later in a full run of sizes. I anticipate that will probably happen with this one. My husband thought this looked too much like a sofa or curtains or something but it is a very comfortable little party dress. I LOVE that the back dips down to counteract the rather high neckline in the front. The shift silhouette is really well done here - none of that weird seeming and unflattering lines of the Jules dress at J Crew (which I keep on trying to get to work for me!) Well done, Madewell.

 Silk Shirtdress (size 00)
 Please try to ignore the unflattering angle. DH didn't want to get off the couch to take the pictures ;). This is the 3rd time I've tried on this dress. The first was the size 2 which definitely felt too big, then the size 0 which felt basically fine and now this. I might like the 00 best. There is lots of forgiveness in the hip waist area because of the gentle pleating of the skirt and the elastic waist in the back. My problem with this dress was always the top. It wasn't big enough to flop over like an actually shirt top but wasn't small enough to lay flat. The size 0 was better at that but the 00 definitely lays all the way flat.

 Something about the neckline makes me feel a little "nurse-y". Maybe they are really onto something with wearing this over a long sleeved t-shirt like they do in the product image. I'm not sure.
See my review of the size 0 here and the size 2 here.

The 25% off is tempting since Madewell doesn't offer as many promos as J Crew does. Plus, there prices tend to stay pretty fixed on the website (or if anything go back up).

I have my eye on this little dress but I don't know if I'm willing to pull the trigger yet.

Also thinking about the cute little short-sleeve sweatshirt-like item to layer over buttondowns.

What do you have your eye on?


  1. wow- I don't remember even seeing the pixelbloom dress before- it's pretty!! I saw the linebreak tankdress in store and stupidly didn't try it on. I really like it- not on sale yet, but I hope it goes to sale soon since it looks pretty dull on the model!

  2. love both of these, but especially the pixelbloom dress!

  3. The pixelbloom dress is gorgeous on your! I think the top sold out as well, now I'm sorry I missed it.

  4. I love the pixelbloom print. I wanted the shirt, but it sold out really quickly.

  5. I like the print dress. The other is not so exciting. Pretty color, though.

    1. Thanks. You're right the blue one is a little boring but the color is divine.