Tuesday, September 24, 2013

J. Crew Review: Some New Fall Arrivals

Now that it is finally sweater season here (or beginning to be), I couldn't resist trying on some of J Crew's snuggliest. There is a lot to like although even with the 25% off, there is not much I have to have right now. I like some of the items with leather touches and I hope to try them on next time I'm in store.

Merino Scarf Sweater (XS)
  I get why this sold out so quickly. It's a lovely shade of grey and the pattern is fun without being overpowering. I really liked the knit - sort of felt denser and softer then your average merino knit. It's a pretty slim fit so if you're looking for some slouchiness you MAY want to size up.

 Collection Cashmere Dolman Sweater (XXS) in Heather Acorn
 I'm always tempted by these dolman sleeve sweaters but I don't know why. Good in theory, not awesome in practice. When a shape is this oversized I think something's gotta give somewhere else... like maybe the neckline. Too high. And I don't love the seam running down the center. Do love the color. Screams fall to me.

 Collection Cashmere Diamond Sweater (XS) in Black Snow Grey
 I picked this up because it was one of the softest sweaters I've ever touched in J. Crew. My hand is blocking it, but there is a little split hem on the sides - adorable! The length and fit are perfect - not sure I love the bracelet sleeves. Makes me look like I accidentally shrunk it. Wish this came in another pattern or a stripe or plain color. Really snuggly.

 Woven Panel Sweater in Black (XS)
This reminds me of the Leather Panel V-Neck Sweater that J Crew is also currently selling. I won't lie, I did not have high hopes but this is super cute! The XS fit perfectly and has to because the grey fabric has no stretch. Word of warning - I felt like the bottom grey part fit perfectly over my hips but there was not a TON of wiggle room so if you are pear-shaped this sweater may not be for you. I think this looks very modern - it may be one of the few purchases I make this fall :)

Merino Pocket Tunic in Navy (XXS)
 Thought this would be a hot mess but it's quite cute. The XXS was perfect - not too huggy over the hips but not too oversized either. I think it's a bit boring but would be cute over leggings or skinny jeans.

 Perfect-Fit Mixed-Tape Cardigan (size S) in Light Sky
I wear the Mixed-Tape Cardigans all summer and got this one on 40% off but I'm not sure about the color. Something about it does not feel current (which is laughable because it's not like I dress SOOO in style :) Any thoughts? This color is back to full price on line but I'm still not sure if it looks goofy. My other mixed-tape is a grey one and I have my eye on the navy... hmmm....

I mostly shopped for my daughter during this 25% off sale. Okay, I did also spring for the grey Andies but I still don't know if I'll keep them for that price.
What did you buy?


  1. I love the look of the woven panel sweater, but it seemed to be made mainly of the 'dream' weave, which scares me, due to super negative reviews.

    With this promo, I got the navy lace sweatshirt, since it went on sale online. I got the merino pocket sweater on the last 25% + bounce back coupon; I think it's a great basic.

    I like the merino scarf sweater also. Thanks for the great reviews

  2. You are tempting me with the review of the merino pocket navy. They all look fabulous on you!

  3. These look great on you. If I had to pick one to pass on, it would be the dolman sleeve, it's kind of wearing you because the style is so big. J. Crew always has this color around so I'll bet there will be other options if you don't like this style. I tried on the merino scarf sweater but it wasn't good on me. I think you should buy it, it looks really good on you. I like the dense knit. A JCA posted that there will be a dark/navy version of this coming out this fall. I have that mixed tape cardigan in that color but haven't worn it yet. I think I'm having trouble knowing what color/s to wear it with. I like the color a lot, though.

  4. I'm with you on the dolman sleeves - always drawn to them, maybe it's because they seem so comfortable. I love the fall brown shade on the one you tried. Also the woven panel sweater and the merino tunic sweater are favorites. Thanks for posting photos and reviews! :)

  5. I love the dress you're wearing with the Mixed-tape cardigan! Is this the Madewell silk-pleated shirtdress, by chance? I've had my eye on that one . . .

    1. Yes yes and i did several reviews of it. Unfortunately it did not work with my bigger chest but for the average sized woman it is an absolutely LOVELY dress!