Sunday, September 15, 2013

J. Crew Review: An Andie and an Eaton Crop

Temperatures have been sweltering here but I can't help but be drawn some cooler weather styles. Fall is simply the best season fashion wise and I was excited to check out some of the latest pant styles at J Crew.

Eaton Boy Trouser in Glen Plaid Wool (size 0)
Please erase that middle picture from you memory, forever. These are definitely true to size but the rump was not flattering at all on me. I think it would look better on a slightly flatter, "boyish" bum. The rest of the pant fit quite beautifully - perfect at the waist and legs.

These are slightly higher rise than a lot of JCrew's offerings which many of you may like. I am very short-waisted so I really prefer a low rise. They are unlined and wool and while it was quite soft for wool I feel certain that after a while they would start to bother me. I am extremely sensitive to wool pants though. I like the cropped but wider-legged silhouette, it's just not as flattering on me as it might be on other figures.

Andie Chino in Steely Grey (size 0)

 Andie Chino in Steely Grey (size 2)

I've tried these on before but wanted to compare my usual size and one size up. While my usual size feels snug I think it looks better than the size up. Either way, I adore these pants and I particularly adore this color. Such a nice, deep, dark shade of cool gray. The thick waistband is incredibly flattering nice for holding a little tums in. I found the length to be perfect without being as cropped as a Cafe Capri or Minnie and I liked that the leg did not fit snugly all the way down to the ankle.

These pants might be a must have in my fall purchase list in my usual size and in this color.

What do you think of the Andie and Eaton?


  1. the Andies were made for you- great cut! 25% promo coming tomorrow (yay- I'll be in NY this week!)...

  2. love the Andies!
    I think the Eatons are a bit too wide in the leg, but they are still lovely.

    I'm expecting my back-ordered Andies to arrive today - hope they fit me and look as good on me as they do on you!