Thursday, September 5, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews - Embroidered Loire, Lacebloom, Strata Dress, Audra Pencil Skirt and others

I have not been to Anthropologie in a while. I tend to go in and out with stores. Last year I was obsessed with Anthro and hardly ever shopped at J Crew. Now I'm back on the Crewlade and even more on the Madewell and not so much Anthro. Nonetheless, I love going to the actual store - it is always a beautiful and relaxing experience! Here are some things I tried on this go round:

Lacebloom Dress (size 4)
 Leifsdottir always dares to do something a little different and I definitely appreciate that. This has a very updated 50's vibe to it and I always loved it except: it made my hips look huge and the chest is super tight! I don't know if you can see but my boobs have been rather flattened. This would be great on someone with a less busty upper body. A bit of a busy print for me but it did feel quite fresh.

 Embroidered Loire Dress (XS)
 Oooo. I loved this. Unfortunately the XS I could not even get zipped. It was fine in the waist but the top just wouldn't zip. I don't know why it's so super cute but it just is. Very simple lines, nice flowy material and fun embroidery.

 Sunbathed Maxi Dress (size M)
 Ok, so this is 2 sizes up from my normal size which is why it looks like a potato sack. I could see how this would be great though. Very greek goddess and the colors are so beautiful. One thing - I except a $100 dress (on sale) to not be see though. See those stripes on my bum? Yeah, that's my undies. I expect more for that price.

 Filmography Dress (size 6)
This is 2 sizes up from my normal dress size because it was the only one they had. The print is ncie but it just didn't scream special to me. Plus the waist falls pretty high. 

 Embroidered Kalea Blouse (XS Petite)
 Lovely. The embroidery is REALLY bright but I love the way this blouse drapes. A really special piece. This was an XS Petite and I could barely move my arms. I would try an XS regular but I think I might even have to size up to a small. This seems to run tight in the arms - specifically under the arms - which is sort of strange.

 Gibraltar Pleated Tank (Small Petite)
I actually liked the petite size in this. It's super cute because the neck snaps around the back and then the rest of the blouse just falls from there. I wish it came in different pattern because I think it's a pretty unique piece. Sizing probably doesn't matter that much with this one since the most fitted part is at the neck!

Strata Dress (size 4)
I kid you not - I think this thing wear 10 pounds. So, if you like to be working off your martinis while you drink them  - wear this! Burn twice the calories in half the time. The material is really interesting - feels like that scuba material they use at Ann Taylor and in some of the Madewell dresses. This is one size up from my usual and was fairly snug on top. Okay very snug. Yet the dress didn't fall right over my chest (as you can see in the left photo). Really interesting idea with the material and play with black and white but not great for my body type.

Audra Pencil Skirt (size 2) in Brown Motif

 Very pretty. I liked this one. The length is mini without being obscene (I'm 5' 4") and the sheen and colors really say fall to me. I'm assuming this skirt is supposed to be worn at the waist because that is where it fit on me. The material has no give so I couldn't pull it down on my hips. I like it up on the waist because I have the option of tucking in a shirt to show off the cute buttons. It fit exactly so I wouldn't want to gain a pound on this one...

There was a big sale at Anthro on Monday. Did you grab anything?


  1. Oh- I love the looks of the embroidered loire dress- I missed that one online! note to self- size up!

    1. You might be okay - I think the main reason it didn't zip is because of my big chest. If you are on the smaller size it might be okay but hard to say. It really is a simple, sweet beauty of a dress.

  2. I think retailers are trying to cut costs in miniscule ways, i.e. sleeves, but the effort obliterates the fit on some garments. I like your try-ons. The dresses are particularly pretty. Always lots of texture & pattern from Anthro.