Friday, September 13, 2013

J. Crew Review: Fall Dresses

Popped in for a little looksee at some of the newer arrivals. I don't know if it's just me, but there hasn't been much/anything that I have needed to have as of late. Maybe it's also because the weather has been sort of in-betweensy around here and I can't quite get there with fall offerings. I heard another rollout is coming next week and I hope to see a more exciting usage of color and print.

Seamed Crepe Dress in Colorblock (size 2)

My lovely SA called this a vintage nurse uniform. I know what she's saying. It has potential but that "bib" part is so odd. High neckline - what is with that this season? I realize you can't go short and low in the neckline but can we go moderate with both please? I am having problems with J Crew dresses as of late because I fit in the size 2 top but then the bottom is way too big. It's not exactly like I'm lacking a bum either.

 Scallopped Dress (size 2)
Love this color and really loved this dress in general. I've been eyeing it since the silhouette was debuted last spring? I thought it was made out of a sort of "scuba" material but it's not at all. A sturdy poly/rayon/spandex but it feels like a nicer material to me. This size was too big everywhere but I love the idea and the subtle scallop detail. See bottom of post for the correct size.

 Paneled Stretch Dress in Colorblock (size 2)
Cute. Comfortable. Slimming. All good things. It definitely needs some jewelry and heels but it's basically cute. I did feel like the seems were slightly off - lopsided a bit. It didn't feel extremely well made to me but on sale I think it would be a cute little number. Might even prefer the black as it would certainly fit the bill as a LBD should your wardrobe be craving one.

Zip-Pocket Dress (size 2)
I think this has not been released yet but it is very cute. I would definitely want the size 0 in this one. It's an easy shift silhouette in a study material. I like the zipper details. Nothing I'm having to have at this moment but definitely a useful dress.

 Scallopped Dress (size 0)

So much better in the size 0. It fit spot on in the top with this size. Please do note that I am very busty so most of you would want to size down at least one size. The bottom is still a bit too large/sticky-outy for me so I would have to have this tailored in the hips. Maybe the poufy hips are part of the style? I'm not sure. In the last picture, I am pulling the excess fabric in so you can what it looks like more fitted. On the fence about this one. Sort of love it, don't want to pay for tailoring...

Looking forward to some more interesting colors and patterns....

What have you purchased with the latest promos?

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