Monday, September 23, 2013

Madewell's Silk Twist-Back Tankdress in Rosie - Review

I have some other Madewell reviews coming but wanted to throw this up there since this dress seems to be lingering in the sale section (after disappearing for many weeks... sneaky madewell).

Okay. So the one on the left and middle is the size 4, the one on the right is the size 2. The way is posted, the top 2 are the size 4 dress, the bottom one is the size 2.
It's easier to tell the difference when it's unbelted - the size 4 is ever so slightly baggy in the top and skirt.

 Again, not a huge difference. The waist lies slightly higher on the size 2 (why, oh why, does Madewell make their dresses to high-waisted? It's so strange - and I am a really short-waisted person!) and the bm looks slightly baggier on the size 4 (but perhaps that's just the angle)

Again, only slight differences. The straps lay a little straighter and tighter on the 2 and the bum looks slightly better but it's minor.

I think IRL the size 2 looks better but I do feel like it rides up a bit - is that going to drive me nuts or will I not even notice if I belt it (with a different belt)? I'm wondering if that's going to bother me. Then again, a slightly overly blousy look is not exactly what I'm going for here. I don't think that works when you have the back open - everything needs to lay pretty closely to the body for the shape to work. 

I think this dress is quite charming. The fabric is a beautiful silk chiffon and the color is a lovely shade of blue without being too bright or too dull. The print is adorable. Little tiny roses.

I wish the pictures showed the differences between the sizes better. I can't even tell the difference but I can definitely feel it! Not sure which way to go on this one so as usual, would love any feedback!

Did you pick up anything if you got the $25 coupon? I bought a little Mollusk Surf Tee that I've had my eye on for a while. So fun to get if for practically nothing!

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