Monday, September 30, 2013

Anthropologie Review: Lumi Sherpa Coat, Boucle Cowlneck, Embroidered Ombra Shift, Burgeoning Cardigan, Pintucked Peasant Blouse and more

Although Anthropologie does beautiful, whimsical summer frocks, they never seem to quite work for me so I always look forward to fall. Their cozy sweaters and well-fitting cords are always tempting and it looks this will be another season of cozy and practical with a smidge of whimsy and fun. Here are a few things I found:

Creature Feature Top (XS)
Anything with foxes is an absolute must for me! I just adore the little critters. This top is so cute - I love the buttons down the back and the scoop that goes down just enough to be a bit sexy. I'm also quite in love with the rabbit face one. I would definitely size up in this shirt - it was skin tight.

 Brink Dolman by Bordeaux (XS) in Wine
As far as dolmans go, this one is pretty darn good. Didn't have the huge batwing problem and was quite fitted through the hips and waist which really works for keeping things balanced and flattering. The color is a perfect wine color and I actually loved the little vegan leather trim - I looked cute and fairly authentic.

Pintucked Peasant Blouse (XS)
I was really attracted to the print and the length on this blouse but I think I would have to size up. The seam across of the top of the bustline has no give and I felt a bit trapped in it. Tight under the arms and I rarely have the problem.  It is quite see through so a cami is going to be necessary. The split neck and little ruffly collar is charming without being too fussy.

 Evangeline Peplum Top (Small Petite)
I think I would take my normal size in this (this is a size bigger but petite because that was what they had). I like the pattern mixing but woah is this unflattering. Somewhere between a maternity top and a potato sack. Peplums are pretty challenging to pull off anyway but I think they look particularly odd when the waist is not fitted. Also not sure about the charcoal smudge running across my breasts.
 Katrine Peplum Top (S) in Red
A little more peplum-y than I usually like but I adore the fringe lace on the sleeves and the overall look of this one. I think I would need the XS but I'm afraid that would be a bit snug. I'm really drawn to this top but still uncertain of whether it would make me look too hippy and not hourglassy enough. Only an XS will tell. BTW - did this come in a neutral with gold tones color? I don't see any mention of this on the website but I saw what I thought was a whole stack of these in the sale section in a beautiful peachy/gold color.

Lacebloom Jacket (XS)
Do you know what this is? It was lingering in the sale section and I can't tell if it makes me feel sort of vintage-y and fun or like I should go take my Geritol. Would definitely pair it with an elegant, sleek cocktail dress or possibly some skinny jeans and a funky tank.

Burgeoning Cardigan (XS)
This was the first thing to catch me eye in the store and I love it. I'm not sure if it's really my style (which is why I passed) but it is so soft and made of a nice, dense knit. The slightly longer hemline in back is great for bum-coverage and the fair-isle like neckline is really fun. The fit was spot on - slimming and stream-lined. Lovely!

 Brixton Lace-Up Crops (size 2)
There were a few of these in my sale section. I am normally a size 2, size 0 at J Crew and these were T-I-G-H-T! These got positive reviews but I find myself a little shocked. They're shorter than I normally would wear and the lacing just screams pirate or bar wench or something. Too far out of my comfort zone.

 Embroidered Ombra Shift (size S)
Granted I really needed this in an XS but I think even that would be big. It felt like a sack. With some embroidery. But only on the front. Sort of cheapens it. It is very comfortable but I'm not sure where I would wear it.

 Boucle Cowlneck (XS)
Adorable. Every year Anthropologie does a little boucle pullover and I've loved every one. Last year it was more of a poncho style and I bought it because I waited and waited and finally got it for something insane like $19.95. The year before it was the Hallowell Cowlneck which I still regret not buying. This version has a bit of a swing shape to it and I feel like the knit is thinner. I still liked it but am concerned about quality. The shape is nice and I like the slightly longer back (although I really don't need every sweater to do that!)

 Lumi Sherpa Coat (size 4)
I tried this on because my daughter has a vest made of this material from Boden and it is so cozy and adorable and everyone is always commenting on how they wish they made one in an adult size. Well, this is pretty close! The material is SOOO soft. The size 4 still felt slightly snug in the top so if you want to layer heavier sweaters I would suggest going up a size or possibly 2.  I feel a little too silly in this to purchase it for actual wear but wow is it comfy and cute.

Tacoma Scarf
This will be mine. The colors are amazing and it is a nice wool. And it's big and wide which I love. I wear scarfs literally every day of the year so I CAN actually justify the purchase of yet another one, right? Love love love this. Will have it. Maybe not even on sale (gasp).

I like a lot of what I see for fall but since temperatures are just starting to drop I think I'll wait a bit. Is there anything you've seen recently that you have HAD to have?


  1. Wow, you were busy. Thanks for all the reviews. A bit over shopped here but give me a month and Christmas coming and I'll be right back at it.

  2. Ooh, so many items I was wondering about, thanks for all the reviews! I hadn't noticed that sherpa coat before, but am laughing b/c I always think the same thing when I pull out my son's Boden hoodies. :)

  3. Ah, that Creature Feature Top is cute! I'm a fan of fitted tees, so your pics really caught my eye -- it's super flattering on you, even if it's more skintight than you'd like.

  4. shoot- I've been steering clear of all the critter clothing, but I love foxes, and am a sucker for a button-back top! Love that pintucked peasant blouse!

  5. What size are you normally?
    Im interested in purchasing Lumi Sherpa Coat but Im not sure what size I should buy. Im usually an xs. Im 5' tall with 24/25 waist. I was thinking about getting in the petite size 2.

  6. Hi, I am normally a size 2 at Anthropologie. I am 5' 4" and about 120 pounds. I usually wear size 26 pants. I think a petite 2 would be good for you. I think this coat definitely requires sizing up.

  7. Hello, i'm trying to decide on whether to get the Lumi Sherpa coat (found one on ebay size 2), have read the above comments, I am 156cm and around 57kilo do you think the size 2 will still be nice baggy (like in the photo you took)? or neatly fitted?