Sunday, September 29, 2013

Madewell Reviews: A few more sale goodies...

Now that I have a local Madewell I can't help but to pop in a little too often. The sale prices in store are almost always MUCH better than the prices online and they seem to always honor the teacher discount. Luckily, I really don't need much right now as I'm still able to wear some of my heavier summer stuff and lighter winter stuff but I do like to look. It's so exciting to see things in person instead of risking ordering online.

Skinny Skinny Ankle jeans in Optic White (size 26)

The middle picture is the embodiment of why I can't pull the trigger on white jeans. YIKES. I must be insane to post that picture. It's just not good. I love Madewell's skinny skinny jeans but I cannot do them in white. Sausage fest. I tried on some cropped matchsticks and toothpicks in white at J Crew (review here)and also found that I just couldn't bite the bullet. If I want to do white I think I'll just stick with cafe capris or chinos or something like that.

 Striped Afternoon Dress (size XS) in Transatlantic Blue
Ok. I know I have big boobs but those lines on the side make it look like they are just about to explode right out of this dress! If you have more normal-sized boobs this dress is adorable and TTS. The cotton is super soft - not at all like a ponte material (which is what I was expecting). The length is cute and modest and the contrasting stripes on the side are slimming if they fall at the right spot.

The XS was a bit snug even possibly on the bum but I think it would be the right size. I LOVE that the pockets are more on the front NOT the side so you don't get huge hip syndrome. Well played.

 Striped Afternoon Dress (size S) in Deep Navy
This colorway is a bit too in your face for me but the fit felt better up top. I still think it was a tiny bit grabby in the bum so maybe that's something to consider if you have a sticky-outy shelf bum like myself.

 Silk Pleated Shirtdress (size 2)
I thought I'd try this dress just ONE MORE TIME. I'm so sad - I think it's so elegant and yet youthful and fun. I just can't get the top to fit. Look at that gapping! I've tried on the 4 and it weirdly did the same thing. Again, if you are more in proportion up top I think you could take your usual size. It is so cute and currently on sale - I believe for less in store but I don't remember.

Striped Birdseye Sweater (XS) in Transatlantic Blue
This feels like such a throwback to those LLBean Sweaters that everyone wore in the late 80's. I think that's why I had to try it on. I am almost always an XS at Madewell but this felt quite snug because of the dense, thick knit. I would size up to a small.

Close up of the cute little pattern.

If you are looking for a cute striped dress - definitely go to Madewell. They have lots of them and you are bound to find a shape that works for you. I did with the Gallerist Ponte Dress in Stripe.

What do you think of these dresses?


  1. You are indeed brave. I just can't bring myself to wear skinnies in any color. Matchsticks are as skinny as I can go and the Andie chinos, love these and bought them in two colors. I did buy a pair of Scout chinos in white last year. I'm with you, these are a great option for white pants.
    Thanks for another batch of great reviews!

  2. I have the regular Afternoon Dress and I agree that it is really tight in the chest. I'm debating whether to keep it or not.

  3. Skinnies in white are tough. Someone said she always goes up a size in white jeans and I've found that to work in many cases. I love the stripe dress & the sweater. I've been looking at both online so thanks for the reviews :)