Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Madewell Reviews - Fall arrives and is beautiful

A few more of Madewell's latest offerings. My store hadn't marked anything down that was on sale online so always be sure to check and insist they offer the online promo! I did and got quite a deal on one of the dresses.

Boatneck Cableknit Sweater (XS)
I tried this on before in a S in the vanilla color. I didn't really notice much difference at all. I like this sweater for wearing over skinny jeans although something about the cut of the top makes me look a bit broad. The knit is really comfy and soft.

Pixelbloom Top (XS and S respectively)

I'm weirdly drawn to this print and just ordered the dress version to try from online. The top is sold out online but maybe because my store just opened they had plenty. It is a very simply little silk top but I find that I get a lot of wear out of items like this. Great way to "funkify" and dress up a boring old dress pant.

 Silk Shirtdress (size 0)
Ah! The size 0 (a size down in dresses for me usually) felt so much better. There's still the conundrum of how the top wants to fall - folded over or straight - but I really like the gentle pleating in the skirt portion. The elastic at the back of the waist means it's easy to size down on this one. The sleeves look a little "nurse-y" to me but overall I love the easy elegance of this piece.

 Gallerist Ponte Dress in Stripe (size 0)
Weirdly I liked the striped version of this better than the plain or colorblocked version. The stripes managed to slim on the whole and add a little bit of fun to an otherwise fairly plain dress. This was on promo for $98 online so after they honored the 30% and teacher discount it came to around $58 which I felt was a decent price. I'm going to try to jazz it up and wear it to an October wedding.

 Outbound Jacket (XS)
I've tried both this version and the all weather version. They are soooo cute! Love love. There is a little drawstring for slightly more waist definition. I liked the XS but I only had a dress under it. Don't know if I could fit a thicker sweater or anything underneath but I see this as a mostly fall jacket anyway. The untreated version is lighter than the weatherproofed one. I think they really got the shape and details on this one right!

Hopefully that's it for Madewell review for at least a week! My new local store is going to start doubting my sanity...

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