Friday, August 30, 2013

Madewell Reviews - Dresses!

Whoopsies. I didn't mean to take a 2 week break but somehow it happened! This time of year always gets me all riled up - going back to work, getting little darling child off to school, getting up before 7 :) Transitions, transitions. Plus I work part time and am always waiting for my schedule, crossing my fingers that it will make sense and allow me enough to time to take care of other life things: grocery shopping, going to the gym, enjoying peace and quiet for more than two consecutive minutes. Anyway, all this being said, I just haven't been thinking about clothes as much. Nonetheless, fall, my favorite clothing season, is on it's way...

Just yesterday I went to the opening party for our new Madewell! I'm so excited as I am increasingly drawn to their designs and am really in love with some of their fall pieces. I'll try to do a few posts on what I found. Here is my first!

** on a side note my apologies but my links do not seem to be working. Hopefully by the time I get this posted they will be better... working on it...

Silk Shirtdress (size 2) in Bloomsbury Blue
Ah, I loved this dress with a few exceptions. The color is gorgeous - one of my favorite bright but not too overwhelming shades of blue. The skirt is quite lovely - pockets and just the right amount of pleats to add a bit of easy volume. The top, however, does not lay quite right. I think it's because I'm a bit too busty - not that it was pulling at all - it just need to either fall over the waistline or be flat and it did neither. The sleeves are also a slightly awkward length. I still love it and am tempted by it but would like to compare it to a size 0 to see if I could eliminate some of the top problems. Very easy to wear.

Gallerist Ponte Dress in Colorblock (size 0 and size 2 below) in navy

The size 0 fit better (a size down from my normal in dresses) although was quite form-fitting in the bust. I really like the side view - very slimming as it hits exactly at my natural waist. The fabric is very stretchy but I was aware of the polyester in it. I'm not a huge fan of this colorblocking and definitely prefer the plain colored version below.

Shirred Silk Dress (size 2)
This is quite sweet and easy breezy. The silk material elevates the style but I still felt a little school girlish. My regular size fit perfectly although those that have less up top may be able to size down. A great little dress.

Silk Pleated Shirtdress (size 2)
This dress was a surprise love and I ADORE this shade of blue. Yum. The waistband is really flattering and the pleats are perfect. I generally don't like knife pleats, I find they add weight, but these are perfect. Unfortunately this size pulled in the bust and although the size 4 (below) was better it still pulled a bit.

Silk Pleated Shirtdress (size 4)
Ballerina chic! Adorable. Besides the fact that it is still a bit tight in the bust I also don't like the darts there. They were sort of lumpy and like fake dress nipples. Dripples if you will. I think I just came up with a disturbing new term.

Striped Gondola Dress (XS)
You can't really tell in this picture but this dress is so lovely. The fit is perfect in my regular XS and there are two seams on either side of the bustline that run down the dress and make it quite slimming. Wish I had taken a better picture. Very comfy. Would love it with a big cozy cardigan, ankle boots and a big statement necklace.

Gallerist Ponte Dress (size 0)
I love this color. Was thinking about this for an October wedding but can't really decide if it is my style of not. Reminds me of some of the Ganni dresses that Anthropologie carries.

My love of Madewell continues, and now that I have a store 10 minutes away I anticipate checking out a lot more of their stuff.

More reviews coming, anyone biting on the extra 30% off of (dreaded) final sale?


  1. ah, yes. the dripple problem... there's a lot of that going around this fall.

    Love your reviews, thanks!

  2. Lol at dripples!! These dresses all look great on you, thanks for the reviews!

  3. Have you ever tried the Bistro Dress? I think I prefer it to the Gallerist but I'm not sure. Thanks for the reviews!

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