Thursday, August 8, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews: New Arrivals!

Summer's a funny time for me. I'm not working per se (I'm a teacher) but I feel like I have twice the work! Trying to entertain a 4 year old all day can be a challenge. I love spending extra bonding time with her but I do miss having me time as well. This week she's in a little camp and I finally have a little breathing room. I went to the gym 3 days in a row (yowch) and decided to take a little indulgent trip to Anthropologie. It is always such a pleasure to shop there: the lovely smells, the kind SA's who knew me a bit too well, the luxurious colors and patterns. Ahh... like a little mini-retreat.

Summer is not my favorite season at Anthro because a lot of their dresses don't really work for me, but, fall is another story.

Here are some beautiful new items I found (disclaimer: I have not been to Anthro in a while so perhaps there not totally new, just new to me! :):

Diamond Stitched Moto Pants (size 2)
 I am a sucker for a skinny pant. Even more so for one in a beautiful burgundy/wine color. These felt great and I thought they were quite flattering. It's a lot of information in the bum area but I think that would give as you wore them. They had a nice thick waistband that fit well and the length was absolutely perfect on my 5' 4" frame. Even the zippers seem placed in such a way to create a slimming effect. Love. Now I have to decide between these and J. Crew's Andie Chinos.

 Perruche Dress (size 0)
First of all, this is a size smaller than I usually take in anything Anthro, especially Karen Walker which has the habit of running a bit small. Nonetheless, it's a lovely dress. Super nipped in a the waist, the length is just right and the peplum is cute and flirty without adding pounds. The bottom fit fine in the size 0 but I couldn't get the top part zippered (I am quite busty though). My only gripe with this dress is the material - polyester - and it felt flimsy. For something this fitted I'd like a thicker material. The birds are delightful.

 Zola Shift (size 2)
This looked super comfortable and appropriate for pregnancy in case that occurs again in my life (we are currently in hot debate!). I think you really have to love bears to like this one. The color is terrible on my skin tone and even for loose and relaxed this looks terrible on my body. I felt like a dumpy middle schooler. 

 Taryn Crepe Shirt (size 2)
This dress is definitely my style. Adorable and SO EASY. It definitely requires a cami underneath which is a bit of a bummer. It's way more low-cut than I thought. I think that's why the model is reaching up in the air in the shot so you can't tell how low it is.

 Taryn Crepe Shift (size 0)
I think sizing down worked better. Just a slightly slimmer silhouette. I couldn't help but think I've seen this dress before and then I realized where - the long sleeve tunic dress that they made last year at Madewell - which I own and love.

 Shimmer Spot Dress (size 2)
Fun and easy breezy but the material is really thin. So thin that I felt like I should be at F21 not Anthro. This style of dress is not a good match for my body - it drapes over my biggest part (chest) and then just hangs making me look heavy. If you do have the right body shape for this type of dress, then I think you'll really like it. It does drape quite well and the colors are really fun. Again, I thought the length was quite nice.

 Blushing Delphinium Dress (size 2)
 This was hanging out on the onesie rack. Usually I have to size up in Tracy Reese but I actually found this fairly true to size. This was a surprise love. The colors are hella-bright but the fit is divine. Perfectly nipped in at the waist, a nice amount of bounce to the skirt and the neckline is awesome! I'm so sick of all the high necklines because they don't work for me. I thought the top half was very nice and I liked the way it dipped down in the back. It was slightly snug in the chest but I don't think I would like the way the rest of the dress fit if I sized up. The material is very odd to the touch but its stiffness makes for a great structured dress.

Overall, some really nice things! What do you like?


  1. Ooh, the Blushing Delphinium looks amazing on you!! I'm loving a lot of the new Anthro stuff right now. I wish I had one a bit closer to me, but I'll be able to get there more once school starts. Thanks for the reviews!

  2. The Andie chino is cute, but I really like the zippers on these moto pants.

    I love the Taryn crepe shift; you have a great shape for it! I've been so good about saving money this month, but that one is hard to pass up. :)