Monday, August 5, 2013

J. Crew Review: More new arrivals: tops and a tuxedo stripe

The new arrivals continue. I feel like I tried on most of the items from this rollout that even slightly interested me so I'm sad I have to wait until mid-August for more. Then again, mid-August is coming a lot sooner than I'd like to think (I believe August 19th is the next rollout)!

J. Crew definitely does sweatshirts well. I love the heathered color and the fit of this one. Slim enough to be flattering and slouchy enough to be chic. The gems feel a bit heavy for me and the sleeves too long. If the sleeves were shorter and I layered this over a button-down I think I would love it. Then again, why not just make it without jewels? More to my taste...

Andie Chino with Tuxedo Stripe (size 0)
I have already proclaimed my love for these. Yes, they are another slim-fitting strechy chino but the proportions are just right. I'm showing my belly button in the first one just so you can tell that these are pretty low rise. Yet, because of the nice thick waistband, I don't feel like I'll be having plumber's crack when I sit. The butt view is a lot of information but I had not even sat down in these yet. Super cute. I feel like khakis usually make me feel pretty dorky/mumsy but these are adorable.

Jeweled Sweater Tee (XS) in Nickel Titanium
Mmm... yeah. The fit is slightly oversized and the jewels are interesting but I just don't know. Neckline too high? Too many things going on (baseball tee coloring, jewels, oversize)? I'm not sure how to carry off this look, or more importantly, that I should.

Unknown Plaid Shirt (size 2)
This must be in-store only or something. It's cute and basic fare for J Crew button-downs. I don't generally like button-flap pockets on my boobs because I'm already carrying enough baggage up there but for most it would be fine. It's definitely a great little plaid shirt but I didn't feel like there was anything special about it. These days, the plaid has to be really beautiful or an interesting color combo for me to buy it.

 Silk Gingham Top (size 2)
It took me 10 minutes to unbutton the button - I don't know if that was particular to this shirt or if it is a problem with all these shirts but it was quite frustrating. This is a lovely work blouse but I can't see wearing it out of the office. The fit was TTS.

 Drapey Sailor Tee in Madagascar Peri (size XS)
I would size down on this one. Pretty big although the description does say "drapey" so I should have known. It is a true boatneck in that the fabric goes straight across - no dipping down. Made me look a bit thick. Nice lightweight material and beautiful colors. Might be more intrigued by the XXS.

What do you think?


  1. I'm intrigued by the gingham silk blouse- is it a chiffon-y silk or just a straight silk? I find a printed silk can be more flexible outfit-wise than a chiffon.

    1. I agree - it's more chiffon-y as I recall. I bet you would be able to find a really fun way to style it!

  2. Just happened upon your site while searching reviews for the Andie Chino with Tuxedo stripe. I kept wanting to buy the pants and after reading your review, I did! Thanks!