Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Anthropologie Review: A few sale goodies

There are so many lovely thing on sale right now but I'm trying to stay strong! The honest truth is that 99% of the time I wear shorts and a tank or skirt and a tee and that is about it. Although I love the dressier summer stuff that Anthro does, it's just as practical for me. Alas, a girl can dream of her martinis on yachts lifestyle...

Stovepipe Cropped Trousers (size 2)
I thought these looked like cute little linen cropped pants. The fit was spot on but the front pockets definitely added weight to my hips. In the picture it looks fine to me but IRL the pockets poufed out a bit and were placed at an unflattering angle. The bum was also a bit to be desired. Mega dumpy. The legs were cute beautifully however.

 Swiss Dot Shirtdress (size 2)
This is cute. And snug! I fit in my normal size 2 but I probably would have liked to try on a size 4 to compare. The color is very pretty and the style quite flattering but I never find myself drawn to this style of dress when it is hanging in my closet.

 Embroidered Fiore Pencil Skirt (size 4)
This is gorgeous and I probably should have bought it. It's one size up from my normal but I am still holding onto at least 4 summer pounds :) With this type of skirt I find the size doesn't matter is much anyway since everything is stretchy and the waist is elastic. As with other iterations of the same skirt, the waistband had threads that had gotten pulled by the hanger sticking out everywhere. I think this bothered me enough to pass.

At this point, I'm really only trying to buy summer basics at rock bottom prices so I can stow them away for next summer. But the beautiful items are so tempting! What's your end of summer sale tactic?


  1. Great choices! I stopped buying for summer a couple of weeks ago - I found I hardly wore what I bought and LIVED in other things! I would love a really fab sundress, but I haven't seen one I really, really like...And at this point, I am not ordering sale stuff online in case it doesn't fit..

  2. Personally, I'm waiting out for all those summer maxis to go on sale! Nothing too trendy, but a beautiful cheap dress can span years :) lol

  3. Still working into rotation the rock bottom priced summer things from the past.;) I'm almost always cold so I don't buy many summer things. In addition, when it's hot out, the indoors tend to be kept extra cool so I'll even keep a light puffer vest around (people laugh at me, I know). Love the idea of summer dresses and skirts but I know I don't wear them much so no more adding them to my closet.

  4. I forgot to say you look fab in the swiss dot shirtdress!!

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