Saturday, August 10, 2013

J. Crew Review: New Arrivals: Dresses and Skirt

I'm trying to catch up because I have since been to the store again and tried on even newer arrivals. It's fun to see fall but since I'm still wearing shorts and t-shirts right now, I'm happy to wait for things to go on sale...

Silk Tonal Paisley Dress (size 2)
I thought this would be a love for me as I generally an easy throw-on dress. It's fine but sort of clingy with the fabric choice and the I didn't love the neckline and slightly pouf sleeves. Once I unhooked the top, too much cleavage. It's cute and the "tonal paisley" is sort of fun (see photo below) but i wasn't totally bowled over by it. I have yet to find a shift dress silhouette at J Crew that works for me. Except for the Rosie in Colorblock.

 Gwen Dress in Colorblock (size 2)
This looked like a great office dress to me. Slightly elevated, a bit chic-er than average. I am having trouble finding dresses that fit me this year at J. Crew. The size 2's fit in the chest but are way too big in the hips (and it's not like I don't have me some bum and hips), the size 0's are way too tight in the chest.

Here I am showing the almost 2 inches of fabric extra. See how much cuter the dress is when I pull it taut in the back (alas a bit too taut but you get the idea)?

 Silk Skirt in Beanstalk Stripe (size 2)
This is one size bigger than my normal size because they were out of the 0's. I would definitely need my normal size. That being said, this was one of my favorite pieces from the most recent rollout. Nice streamlined silhouette around the hips with gentle pleating that drapes beautifully. The shape of the skirt is really spot on. I'm not that into the beanstalk pattern so if they did this same silhouette in another color/print I would be tempted.

More to come... I'm having trouble buying anything without the extra 40% of sale... A girl can get spoiled.


  1. Oh I have got to start following you. I'm always on I-pad am just a horrible copy and paster. Love, love, love your reviews. Good, bad, and ho-hum. Hold out for something better and with patience a discount will come.

  2. I know what you mean about getting used to the 40% off sale promos. I have been sitting on a few cute things because I keep thinking a new promo will come up!