Monday, August 12, 2013

Boden Reviews: Printed Jersey Tunic and Newquay Dress

I haven't had much success with Boden in the recent past but I do love it when things are on clearance and free shipping and returns comes back. It's a great chance to try some things at prices that seem a lot more reasonable to me. I couldn't even believe the price on this tunic that I tried - $26.40! That almost never happens.

Printed Jersey Tunic  (US Size 2)
I love this print and color - which says a lot since often it's Boden prints that I find unappealing. They all look good in theory but tend to be overwhelming on my short-stack self. This print is lovely - I'm sorry you can't really see how beautiful it is from these dark photos. Anyway, I normally take a 2 or 4 in stretchy stuff in Boden and this 2 is way too tight. I like the shape though. The little "belt" underneath the bustline is quite flattering.

Printed Jersey Tunic (US Size 4)
This size is a much better fit although still fairly snug. I'm a bit over the tunic thing at this point (I think I spent a year wearing almost nothing but tunics and leggings) but I think I could wear this as a dress. This one is still fairly snug but I think pretty cute. I really appreciate the little insert between the vee-neck that serves as a camisole. I did decide to order a 6 as well just to compare. I think I want this to be more casual and less "sexy". We'll see how that goes. The material is divinely soft, stretchy and comfy.

Trying to show a bit more of the colors...

Newquay Dress (size Petite 4)
I want to love this dress soooo badly. The regular was a disaster on me but the Petite is much better. Still it just doesn't lay correctly and I know I would be constantly fussing with the pockets because they make your hips look bigger.

Here it is with a belt which does help the waist look better but then you miss out on the adorable purple waistband. Such a shame because I think it's super cute but the gathering at the waist makes the skirt hang oddly and the pockets add too much weight.

Boo. I'll let you know how the size 6 tunic works out.

There are some good bargains to be had, however. I grabbed a wonderful 100% cotton nightie for my daughter (somethings that is very hard to find in the age of polyester "fire resistant" sleep garments) for about $11.

What have you tried and loved?

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  1. Thanks for the review on the tunic / dress! I love flipping through the catalogs, but had yet to bite on any item until now! The printed jersey tunic looks beautiful on you =) Am eagerly anticipating a size 2P in the mail as we speak...