Friday, August 2, 2013

J. Crew Review: Collection Cafe Capri in Single Stripe

The sale section at my local B&M is absolutely obliterated! I did find these little pants however and was quite intrigued...

Collection Cafe Capri in Single Stripe (size 0) in Black

I took my usual size 0 (although in the cotton cafe capri's I usually size down to a 00) and they fit just right in the waist. They are a looser, more relaxed fit which I liked. I can only wear skin tight pants so many days a week. The length seemed to short to me - I'm 5'4" and I would have appreciated them hitting a little lower on my ankle. The raw silk/ linen blend felt really nice - weather appropriate and more drapey, not clingy.  The problem was the seaming on the sides. There were these huge lumps on both sides and I don't think it was a defect with this particular pair. Also, as much as I appreciate a looser fit, I think the bum looks pretty dumpy. Great idea, not a particularly flattering execution.

Would like to see more pants along this vein (i.e. looser and not spandex adhered to my bum and thighs), but would like to see the fit executed better.

What do you think?

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  1. Cute pants. Weird about the stripe. It's supposed to go down the front. Thanks for the review as I haven't seen them irl. :)