Tuesday, August 13, 2013

J. Crew Review: Fall is Nigh!

Things have definitely cooled off here, and while it is still summer, it is at least possible to think about Fall. Just a little bit. Fall is my absolutely favorite season for clothes. Still warm enough to not have to wrap yourself in a blanket and parka to keep warm, but cool enough to enjoy layers. Ah, how I love to layer. And button-down shirts. I have way too large of a collection and cannot wait to bust them out again in the fall.

Boy Shirt in Green Plaid (size 2)
Speaking of button-downs... I do not like this one. The colors are pretty but I'm not particularly drawn to them and although the concept of the pieced together plaid is interesting, I think it looks sort of sloppy. TTS although it did pull slightly across my bust. I have been a bit zaftig in that particular area as of late however.

 Crepe Cap-Sleeve Dress in Bright Cerise (size 0)

Love. So beautiful. Clearly the size 0 is WAY too tight in the top. This is my current bugaboo with J Crew dresses. The size 0 fits perfectly in the bottom but is way too tight in the top. If I size up the bottom looks sloppy. The style is so flattering and classic. The only weird thing is that the material sort of shows a lot of lumps and bumps. I don't think the bottom half was tight at all (in fact I think that would be impossible since it's a looser style) but you can see the outline of my bum in the back view. Something about the type of crepe they used just seems sort of thin (even though I'm pretty sure it was fully lined).

 Scallop-Trim Mini in Bright Cerise (size 0)

Very cute. My normal size 0 felt like a good fit. Even with my normal size the waistband fit slightly lower than my waist which I like. The scallop trim is adorable. My one problem is the material. The stretch wool is rather thin and even with a lining it shows some stuff (check out back view). The pleats are nice for some movement but I would probably feel compelled to be adjusting the skirt all day to make sure the pleats were laying exactly right and not adding any visual weight. I still really loved it overall and might prefer it in a darker color where the VPL might not be so egregious. 

 Boyfriend Fatigue Jacket in Olive Drab (size XS)
I've decided I really need some sort of in between seasons anorak jacket and thought this might be the one. It is quite cute - you can pop the collar (like in first photo) or where at open (like in below photo) or put the hood up or whatever! So many options. I wish the pockets on the front were smaller. They are so big as to almost look sort of silly. Although this is a boyfriend jacket, I don't think I'd size down. It is slightly oversized but not huge

Sorry for the frightening last picture. I wanted to show what it looked like with the hood up and fully zippered. There are a lot of bells and whistles with this jacket. I really wish they hadn't made those pockets so big. I think this is an almost perfect fall into winter jacket. I appreciate the longer length.

Overall, nothing I have to have yet but I'm liking some of the new stuff. I believe even newer arrivals are coming in another week so back I'll go to plan for my sale stalking...

What do you like of the current offerings?


  1. Great reviews. I loved the cap-sleeve dress, too. I found the fabric to be a little weighty, not thin. Maybe I tried it on a 98 deg day. I thought it had a nice hang due to the weight. I didn't like the plaid buttondown either.

    1. Glad to hear great minds think alike! I should probably go back and try that dress on again in my actual size. It's an adorable shape and I think would be flattering on a wide range of body types.

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