Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Coat Dilemma - Ostsee Coat, Popham Peacoat, Stadium Cloth Boulevard Trench

I love coats. Love 'em. My obsession started in NYC. When you live in New York, you walk everywhere. Some people only see you in your coat so it becomes a major source of how you express your fashion sense. Now that I live in a car culture, coats are not as important in terms of warmth but I still love them. This winter I went a little overboard. THREE coats. That is about 2 coats (possibly 3) too many. The thing is - I love each one for a different reason. And here they are in no particular order:

Ostsee Coat by Leifsdottir (size 4)

Ahhhh... Leifsdottir. Yet another obsession of mine. I had seen this coat at my store but only in a size 2 and on sale for $199.00. A good price considering it was down from $500 but still too hefty. The other day I see it in a size 4 and it is down to $99. Oh my. The pockets are lined with velvet and the buckles are beautiful. Fully lined with an interesting print and the wool is substantial without feeling stiff. It is a bit "goth" looking in my opinion - like Trinity in "The Matrix" but it is lovely.

Also a really well-made coat and I am just in love with the plaid. Not as flattering to the body I suppose but I adore a good swing coat. The toggles are precious and the wool is soft.

I've blogged about this coat many times before. It makes me feel like a Russian spy. It's totally timeless and I love it with the collar up. It's a little stiff but feels like it would be super warm.

Decisions decision decisions. 

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