Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anthro Reviews - Unequivocal Dress, Sporadic Stitchery Pullover, Tried and True Top, Lace-Back Blouse

Finally, some new arrivals! Of course, I cannot bother buying anything full price anymore. In fact, I can't even bear to pay regular sale price! I was expecting better sales post-holiday (I usually scoop up some bargains for my post-holiday birthday) but so far it's been disappointing. Popped in to do a few returns and here is what I found.

Unknown blouse by Leif-something (size 4)

Color and detailing: gorgeous. But this blouse has a bad case of too much going on. Elastic waist, decorated collar, appliques and open arms. Whew. Plus I can't really do the open arm thing - it just reads sort of weird 80's trashy to me (but I grew up then so it's hard to go back :)

Lace-Back Blouse in Red (XS)

Although the lace back is attractive, it's a little impractical. I would have loved this blouse without the lace and with sleeves! Why or why is the split sleeve thing coming back? Horrifying. At least for someone my age. Otherwise, the blouse drapes nicely. The color is really orange not red and is pretty true to the color on the website - maybe a bit brighter.

After seeing this on Rose over at 1 More Shopping Blog here, I decided I had to have this top. Unfortunately they did not have many at my local Anthro and the only one in my size was the white. Yes, that's my belly button. I did not like that the body of the shirt was rayon and the sleeves were cotton knit. Plus the whole thing sort of hangs there sloppily. It looks fine in the pictures but I was disappointed.

I'm sort of liking this short over long thing. The sweater is cute but the price tag is a little high. The lumpy arms are from some rolled up sleeves. Anyhoo, super cute. I was surprised I like it as much as I did since the last time I wore anything cropped was in college.

Unequivocal Dress (size 4) by Maple

This dress is gorgeous - like an old-fashioned movie star. This is a size up from my usual size at Anthro and I would almost want to try on a 6 as well. As you can see in the 2nd pic, part of the dress is almost like a belt that you button around your waist and at your hip. It's very sexy and well made.

What other new arrivals are people trying on? Anyone know what the first blouse is called?

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  1. wow- that last dress is unequivocally hot! and yay you for somehow managing to get the details in a black dress to appear in a photo! I hadn't looked twice at this, but I am now!

    I love the sporadic- wish it came in more colours!