Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Banana Republic - 3 hour sale!

I was in the mall picking up a Sodastream replacement (which btw is awesome if you love seltzer but hate the environmental waste of cans), and there was a 3 hour 50% off sale at Banana Republic. Holy Moly! The sale prices were already really low so with the discount I couldn't help but pick up a few items:

Hidden Sequins Overlay Tee - in-store price $34.99 (online 69.99)

This looks like nothing in the picture but is gorgeous and class IRL. The overlay is lovely and floaty and the golden sequin cami underneath is lush and well-made. It was a steal. Unfortunately they only had an XS in store and it is a little snug but I may just have to make it work.

Metallic Scoopneck Sweater  in Camel (size S)

Such a flattering basic sweater. Love it. By the time I used my bday discount I think it was like $10. If you missed out on the shimmer bow sweater at JCrew this is a good substitute. I found the yard slightly less itchy and the shape more flattering.

Scoopneck Shirred Crew in Bright Sangria (size S)

Basically the same sweater but in a delicious bright pink color. Yum. Again, flattering and the shirring on the sides is lovely. Let's hope for no pilling!

Lurex Stripe Sweater Dress (Size S) in Taupe Heather

The S was pretty snug. I was looking for something a bit more laidback, not so 80's sexy mama. It's cute but itchy. Random side note - does anyone else think that the above model looks sort of funny. She is a new model for BR and I always think her body looks off, like she's 5 months pregnant or something.

There were so many items that were so cheap including a gorgeous pair of fully lined camel wool pants for less than $20! I have not been into BR for a long time but I was impressed. Made the 40% off at JC seem like nothing (mostly since there was nothing that I haven't seen for the past 4 mths on the sale rack)

Anyone else hit this sale?


  1. I was at the sale. The selection at the store I was at wasn't very good but I got the Silk watercolor floral dress for $22.49.

    I also picked up a pair of jeans for my husband for $39.99 but the extra 50% off didn't apply to men's. I didn't realize it until I got home but that's ok. It's still a good price.

    Online, there is an additional 30% off sale that ends today (1/11/12).

  2. Love that dress! The selection at my store was pretty good but I was too lazy to pick through it all.

  3. I visited a store that had a good selection of items. Hard to navigate w/a stroller, unfortunately. Not like I need anything. I have that metallic gold sweater and agree w/your assessment. Nicer than the JC bow sweater. More substantial, a flattering fit and not itchy either. I think they're trying something w/a couple new models. I guess they want more 'real' looking women. I noticed some of them have Hips and Thighs. *lol*