Saturday, January 7, 2012

Anthro Reviews - Abstract Forest Skirt, Leifsdottir Sloping Skirt and Adalar Dress, Tile-Printed Pencil Skirt and Noon & Night Dress

Finally getting around to a few more 50% finds. Not really sure what I'm going to keep but at least I have fixed my "I don't have any winter skirts" problem. I do however have a new problem - Leifsdottir. Oh my. Every item is so unique and the quality is there (unlike some other brands). I wish they weren't so expensive - but at 50% it hurts way less.

Leifsdottir Sloping Skirt (size 6)

Looks super hot with socks and clogs, right? Luckily I wised up in the next photos and put heels on. I originally bought this in a 4 which was way too tight. The 6 is just right - I still don't understand how people take their normal size in Leifsdottir - I always find I have to size up at least one size. Anyway - this skirt is bright and beautiful and I love it. Prone to wrinkling but I don't even care. So glad I snagged this size on popback.

Abstract Forest Sweater Skirt (XS)

This was literally hiding under a shelf during the 50% off sale which was nice since I had ordered it and it had been cancelled. Super comfortable, right length, interesting pattern - slightly itchy. 

Thought I would take more pics of this because the last ones were of such poor quality. I think the skirt photographs better than it looks in real life. I would have snagged the mini version but I didn't like the colors as much. It is a bit of a show your lumps and bumps but the pattern is beautiful and the material is like sleeping in your favorite blankie.

Leifsdottir Adalar Dress (size 4)

Needs a major steaming. I didn't do a good job capturing the detail at the neck. There is something about this dress that is alluring - silk? Cool buckles at the cuffs? I think a belt would enhance the look. Still debating whether or not it makes me look like I'm trying too hard.

I think I needed more flash on this one. Was on the fence about this but it is so comfortable and classic and I actually needed an LBD so I think this will do just fine ;)

Still have a few more reviews... hacking through slowly.

Going through extra% off sale withdrawal.... maybe a martini will help...


  1. Yes, they look great with heels!

    I love the black dress. Must remember to try it on on my next trip!

  2. Tee hee - I know laziness has its place but not when trying on skirts! The black dress is super easy and flattering. I really like the one they are currently selling with the short sleeves as well.

  3. Hmm, I left a comment earlier but it didn't seem to go through. I bought the Adalar Dress during the first 50% promo on Black Friday--was lucky to grab a lone return in size 2, my usual. The waist doesn't do up comfortably, but I will always cover it with a belt anyway. It looks FAB with a belt and boots (or heels, though I don't wear them much).

  4. Keilexandra - Glad to hear someone else owns the Adalar. I really love it but it is a bit out of my comfort zone. I definitely think boots and a belt will help.