Monday, January 9, 2012

Anthro Review - In Clouds Blouse

 will eventually get off my Anthro kick. I really have rediscovered them this year (ever since they opened here in my state actually) and it's been fun! Last year was J Crew all the way but I am tiring of final sale and poor quality. Plus, I checked out some of the new arrivals and I just felt like it was more of the same. I will go back this week with a more discerning eye (and a camera!) however...

Wanted to take some better pics of the In Clouds Blouse which is currently $29.95 (cheaper than it was during the 50% off sale)

In Clouds Blouse (size 4 and size 2)

The color is gorgeous, the snails are quirky and the silk is of decent quality. However, the lack of detailing really makes this blouse look cheap (as my husband put it). Granted, I could have steamed these a bit before I tried them on but they do look a bit like a pajama top. The size 2 (bottom pic) definitely looks better but was pulling across my chest too much. I love simple pieces but with the lack of cuffs and collar and any detail, the shirt looks a little plain. I know lots of people are loving this shirt, I just don't think it does anything great for my body - and isn't that the point of clothes? Well, and to have fun!


  1. I don't suit that shape either, it just does nothing for me but I love the green and the snails are fun.

  2. I'm glad it's not just me! It's so unflattering in person but I feel like everyone loves this blouse. Alas. I think I need waist definition on everything or I just look like one big boob.

  3. These comments are cracking me up. LOL. :)

    I got your e-mail this afternoon, will be e-mailing you back later tonight. Your plan sounds perfect!

    I do agree with you that the size 2 is more flattering, but yikes, too tight in the bust is not fun. Agreed.

  4. I still love the top. So glad I got it. I tried on the one w/the ducks, geese on it? The blue & yellow one. It had a rounded collar, nipped waist and pleated at the bottom. I thought it was too busy for the pattern. This plain shape shows off the color & print of the blouse.

    Team In Clouds! *lol*

  5. Do you own the size 2? It looks like it fits wonderfully on you. I just gave one to my mom for her birthday today and for some reason it was huge on her! She had tried the same size back in December and it fit like a glove! To my dismay, I can't find this blouse anywhere anymore :[