Friday, January 13, 2012

J. Crew Reviews - Merino Tatting Lace Sweater, Colorblocked Stripe Long-Sleeve tee, Scalloped Lace Shell, No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Cotton, Sundowner Tunic, Pebble Dot Bermuda Short

Stopped in J. Crew the other day with the hopes of scoring some deals on the 40% off rack. Unfortunately, it's the same old tired stuff that's been sitting there for months. Sigh. Tried on a few new arrivals, but nothing is really grabbing me. I do, however, love the nice saturated colors. The store certainly looks vibrant!

Colorblocked stripe long-sleeve tee (size XS?) in cerise

This is a very sweet t-shirt. I have been collecting long sleeve tees from JC this year. I do wish they would make a few that actually had long sleeves and not just the 3/4 thing.

Merino Tatting Lace Sweater in Heather Soft Grey (XS and XXS)

Woah - that is a lot of information. I barely felt any difference between the S and XS and both were tight as hell. Uncomfortably so. I'm pleased with my lady lace popover so I will skip on this one.

Honeycomb Cable Sweater in Bright Dahlia (XXS)

This was marked XXS but I held it up against an XS and it was actually bigger. Who knows. Come to think of it, I finally received my coveted Blythe Blouse in Extravagant Green and turns out that one was mislabeled too - the sleeves don't even reach my wrists. Grrr. I digress, the color is gorgeous but that much texture is not the most flattering on the well-endowed.

Scalloped Lace Shell in black (XS I think)

I can't remember if this was an XS or XXS. They didn't have many left at my store. Not my favorite but I'm sure I would like it better if it actually fit. 

This is really adorable. So beachy and yet I would probably throw it on over light jeans in the summer as well. My usual XS was a bit snug. I would size up on this. 

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Cotton (size 2) in Casablanca Blue

Oh this color - so gorgeous. The fit of the skirt was a little different for me - a little looser in the waist and a little tight on my hips. The cotton doesn't drape as well as the wool version. It is a nice thick lined cotton however.

Pebble Dot Bermuda Short (size 2) in Poppy

These were actually pretty cute.  A little snug, but I was a little bloated in these pics. I also think the material would stretch out a bit with wear. The color is almost fluorescent but I kinda loved it.

Liquid Silk Skirt  in dark navy (size 2)

I tried on both size 2 and 4 and both were fine. I think it says something that this skirt was $29.99 + 40% off and I still didn't take it home. It is lovely but I'm not really sure how to wear it. If you tuck stuff in you can see if through the silk and it is hard to find something the right length to wear on top.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, thanks for all the reviews.
    I love the cerise colorway in that tee. I think it would be a great top to mix with a variety of bottoms.

    I've been considering the lace tank. It looks like I would need to size up. I'm a sucker for lace.

    Too bad that the Liquid Silk skirt is so sheer. I was hoping that wouldn't be true of the darker colors. I'm glad you mention that point. I really hate when the outline of my top shows through the bottom piece.

  2. The blue pencil skirt is a very pretty color. I didn't do the pretty honeycomb sweater for the same reason. Also, I remember reading that it shed like crazy. Thanks for sharing pics :)