Saturday, January 28, 2012

Anthropologie's Peppering Skirt - Styling Ideas

I was lucky enough to nab the Peppering Skirt during the 50% off sale but hadn't really bothered to figure out what I could wear with it. It truly is a flattering and comfortable skirt and I think there are lots of different colors combos to work with. Here are a few that I came up with:

Peppering Skirt (size 2)

Here I paired the skirt with Anthropologie's Dotline Boatneck (size S). It's a lot going on with the polka-dotted stripes and all the different patterns in the skirt but I like the general shape.

I like the neutral color of Anthropologie's Purl-Wise Pullover with the skirt but I don't think I love the sweater on me - adds bulk in a weird way.

It's a lot of color when you add J. Crew's Blythe Blouse in Extravagant Green but I sort of love it. This is perhaps something I would wear to work.

Woah. Very Mad Men. The sweater is a bit tight on me. It is an old Shelli Segal cashmere shell. I love the color combo however.

This is an old J. Crew sweater. There really isn't that much green in the skirt but I think it works.

If you're going for va va va voom, the Orchard Cardigan would work nicely shape and color-wise. This is a size small and I would want at least a medium. Very snug, but very flattering.

Other ideas:

Anyone else have some great ideas? Always looking for some inspiration :)

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  1. I think the white sweater looks good with the skirt. I am not fond of the pattern mixing look myself.